SkyTrix Review: It’s A Kite, It’s a Boomerang, It’s a Plane…It is SkyTrix

SkyTrix Review

SkyTrix Review

Just when we think we have seen everything when it comes to outdoor toys, along comes SkyTrix.  Part stunt glider plane, part kite, part boomerang – the SkyTrix by Daydream Toy, is all fun!  As regular readers of Dad Does know, we love anything that flies.  We have a blast with RC helicopters and planes, but the one major negative to those toys is the constant recharging of the batteries.  Thankfully, SkyTrix uses no batteries, just whip it into the air and let the aerodynamics of flight takeover!

Let’s Look At Our Video Review of the SkyTrix -

SkyTrix, Further Proof That Simple Is Better

The measure of a great outdoor toy is, can kids pick it up and in a few minutes be laughing, running around and having fun?  SkyTrix absolutely meets this measurement.  You basically fling the SkyTrix around on its teether and then just let it fly.  Here is some more info on how the SkyTrix pulls off its flying magic –

“The worldwide patent-pending SkyTrix glides like a plane, soars like a kite, performs tricks like a yo-yo, and plays catch like a flying disc. The concept is simple – a plane on a tether. But the design and performance are anything but ordinary. In fact, SkyTrix is so responsive that people who see it are amazed to learn that there are no batteries or gyroscopes keeping it in flight and balanced. It is simply people-powered.

SkyTrix gets kids and adults outside and playing. Great for a long-distance game of catch between multiple people or a game of boomerang when on your own. As you get the feel of the tether, you can start showing your skill by doing tricks such as casting, snap backs, and loops.”

If You Actually Practice, You Can Do An Artistic Dance With The SkyTrix

When we shot our video review, we wanted to show how the SkyTrix performed just moments after pulling it out of the box.  As the video shows, you can easily get the SkyTrix flying with very little practice.  However, if you want to spend some time practicing with the SkyTrix, you can start to perform some pretty amazing tricks, it almost looks like an artistic dance or form of martial arts.

Here is a much more impressive video of the SkyTrix from Daydream Toy –

Conclusion:  SkyTrix, A Whole New Way To Have Fun Outdoors

As a parent you probably have Yo-Yos, Frisbees, kites, boomerangs, gliders and balls scattered around your garage, but I doubt you have one toy that incorporates play elements from all these toys.  The SkyTrix is a brand new toy (due out June 2013), but after playing with it it feels familiar due to its connection to all the other play toys you have in your garage.

The kids had a great time flinging the SkyTrix and trying to catch it (not as easy as it looks).  As a parent I loved never having to charge batteries or set anything up.  In addition, the SkyTrix works great if you have some wind, so unlike with the RC helicopters, you don’t need perfect weather conditions to play with it.  One concern we do have is durability, but so far, so good – plenty of rough landings and the SkyTrix is still in one piece.  If you are looking for a fun, new outdoor toy for 2013, the SkyTrix is an excellent choice.

More Information:

The SkyTrix From DayDream Toy, Ages 8+, $15.99 Retail, Available in 3 Designs

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