To All The Moms, A Simple Wish For a Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is like a big fat pitch, right over the center of the plate, waiting for a Dad Blogger to smash it out of Hallmark park.  A Hallmark created holiday, just another way to sell cards, flowers and chocolates…oh man, we should be able to clobber this one with mockery!  Yet, every year I swing and miss at any attempt to poke fun at Mother’s Day.  Mother’s are just too filled with complete awesomeness to poke fun at on their special day.  Which brings me to my major point…

Why I Hate Mother’s Day

There are two things I am good at – talking (or writing) endlessly and making fun of people, places and things.  Which of course makes Mother’s Day my kryptonite.  I have already established I can not bring myself to make fun of Mother’s Day due to the awesomeness of every Mom I know, but Mother’s Day also leaves me speechless, because how could I ever express my feelings to the Moms in my life?

My mother, who is in heaven now, was the most amazing mother a son could ever ask for.  Actually, that is wrong.  How would any son ever know he could ask for so much?  Who could even dream of a mother as wonderful as my mother?  My mom was more than I could have ever hoped or asked  for, she was like an infinity Mom, here love never ended.  My Mom, passed too soon, but she could have lived a thousand years and I still would never have had enough time to find the words to express how much she meant to me.  Sometimes, there are no words.

Then there is my wife and mother to our two incredible kids.  What words do you possibly use to express your love and gratitude to a Mom who every single day, makes every single moment of our lives better?  What do you say to the Mom who has played the major role in making our kids the most incredible beings to ever grace this planet (no, I am not subjective at all)?  She never asks for any praise, she simply gives to all of us, all of the time, in the most loving and caring way.  How do you express your love for a Mom like that?

The incredible thing is, the list of incredible Moms just keeps going!  There is my sister, sister-in-laws, Mother-in-law and more.  All such loving moms, that words fail me.  Here is the thing, I am guessing I don’t have a monopoly on knowing all the best moms in the world.  My guess is you have the same situation – incredible moms, all around you, that defy words.

When Words Fail You, Turn To Hugs

When words fail me and I lose the ability to poke fun at things, I have two options.  Option one is to curl up in the fetal position and start to cry… but that just doesn’t feel right for Mother’s Day.  I think I will go with option two and hug my wife, tell her I love her and that words could never express what a wonderful Mother she is.

We Wish Every Mom a Very Happy Mother’s Day

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