The Footballer Will Have You Rethinking What A Bottle Opener Should Be

The Footballer, Football Bottle Opener

The Footballer, Football Bottle Opener

Does it get more boring than a bottle opener?  Sure, they serve an absolutely essential purpose of opening that fine micro brew, but when is the last time you have heard these words come out of a friend’s mouth – “Check out this really fun and cool bottle opener I have!

Well, the times, they are a changing.  The Footballer is a patented Mini-Replica Football (World’s Smallest Football) that is a hand held bottle opener and fridge magnet.  The Footballer is no generic mini football either, with official licenses from the NFL and NCAA you can get an exact replica football from your favorite team.

Let’s Take a Quick Look At Our Video Review of The Footballer -

The Footballer Is Actually Fun To Throw

Look, we are not claiming The Footballer is a throwing toy, but when someone says, “Can you pass the bottle opener” it takes on a whole new meaning.  Now you can feel the laces, get the proper grip and then fling The Football Bottle Opener across the room to your buddy running a cross slant to the open cooler.  Since YouTube has not invented touchvision yet, you really can’t get a sense for how authentic The Footballer feels from watching the video.  Here is more info –

“The product details have Genuine LOOK and FEEL! Just like the REAL Official Game Balls used on the NFL and NCAA fields. Leather color pigskin dimples, white ribbed laces, black stitched threads, black rubber air valve and half white stripes for College version. The outer material is soft PVC to replicate the FEEL/GIVE of a Real Football. Each Football is decorated with a team logo and team name.”

The Perfect Gift For the Football Fan In Your Life

I generally hate buying gifts for adults.  What are you going to get someone that they couldn’t just buy themselves?  I try to find gifts that are a little different and in some way connect with the person I am shopping for.  Due to its new, different and team specific design The Footballer makes a great gift for the football fan in your life.  Give them the football opener of their favorite team and if you really want to do it right, throw in a case of their favorite micro brew!

More Information:

The Footballer, The Football Bottle Opener Sells for About $12.99.  Click Here To Learn More

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