What Is With All These Coconut Water Product Reviews? Coconut Water on The Brain?

Drinking Coconut Water

Drinking Coconut Water

A very fair question.  As everyone in the free world (and even 13 people in North Korea) knows, we have been reviewing and taste testing Coconut Waters for the past week and will continue on next week.  So, our obsession with Coconut Water is clear, but what is not clear is why we are obsessed and why you should care.  Well, it all started this summer…

Hawaii Cast an Evil Coconut Water Spell on Us

You see, we went on a family vacation to Hawaii this summer – we found an idol and then all these bad things started to… oh wait, that was the Brady Bunch.  Anyway, we did go to Hawaii this summer and came upon this farmers market –


We were thirsty, it was hot, so we ordered a Coconut.  After a series of questions about if we wanted coconut meat, milk or water – we said water???  Then this guy goes all Psycho on the coconut –

Coconut Water

A couple of crazy whacks and flying shell and he ends up with this

More Coconut Water

Finally, stick a straw in it and you have a very refreshing drink of Coconut Water –

Coconut Drink

We considered Coconut Water a treat and consumed a good amount in Hawaii.  It was refreshing for sure, but all types of people at the farmers market were buying it and talking about how Coconut water cures all their problems.  Clearly these people were sharing more than we needed to know about their health issues… I just assumed the Coconut water was some type of truth serum.

We Return Home, But Coconut Water Continues to Haunt Us

When we left Hawaii we figured we were leaving Coconut water behind – one of those fond memories from a great family trip.  But Coconut Water had other plans for us!

We Go to Expo East and Coconut Water Follows Us

In October we went to the Natural Products Expo to find great natural products to review for our Dads and Moms and what is there – taunting us and teasing us?  Coconut Water Of Course!  Well, it was not exactly taunting and teasing, that may have been my kids – but it was there – everywhere!  Coconut Water was here, it was being pushed by everyone and it was going to rid the world of evil.

Are There Really Any Health Benefits to Coconut Water?

Yes, didn’t you hear us – it is curing the world of all evils – you are either with us or against us!  Seriously, it is hard to separate the fact from the fiction.

Here is our best effort to describe why people are so excited about Coconut Water:

  • Excellent Way to Hydrate the Body

Coconut water is packed with electrolytes, specifically it has Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus and Calcium.  When we exercise or have too much alcohol to drink, we get dehydrated  – which is when our body gets low on those 5 electrolytes.  Coconut water is an excellent way to rehydrate.  In fact, coconut water is so similar to our own blood that in emergency situations, coconut water has been used as an I.V. solution when conventional I.V. solutions were not available.

  • Fat Free, Gluten Free, Low in Calories and Sugar

Coconut water has a very clean nutritional profile – high in the things you want (like Potassium) and low in the things you don’t want (fats).

  • Coconut Water is Alkaline

Much of the American diet today tends to move toward acidic foods.  Coconut Water is Alkaline and can therefore sooth and balance the body.  The pH balance of Coconut water is a big deal to some people.

  • Great for Sick Kids and Hung Over Moms and Dads

When kids get sick they tend to not eat and drink and often lose electrolytes and can get dehydrated.  On the other end of the spectrum, Moms and Dads sometimes have a little too much alcohol to drink (probably because they are stressed about the kids being sick) and this also dehydrates.  Coconut water can help with both the kids and the Moms and Dads.

  • Oh, It Also Makes You Beautiful, Young, Healthy and Rich

Okay, so the other points on coconut water are pretty well accepted – it is great for hydration.  However, there are people who believe coconut water has an almost mystical power.   Madona drinks coconut water – and she is rich, so I assume I will now become rich as well.  Who knows, it may also force me to drop my last name.  Seriously, there are very little, if any studies on coconut water being some miracle food – so we are not counting on these benefits.

No, We Did Not Sell Our Souls to the Coconut Water Industry

Just in case you were wondering – we are not getting paid by some shadowy world of Coconut traders to write any of this.  We don’t make anything if you start drinking and bathing in coconut water!  Simply put, we like coconut water, think it is a great post workout drink and we are having some fun trying to pick the best brand.

There you have it, why we are talking so much about Coconut water.  Next week we will review two more brands and then have the Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test.

UPDATEThe Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test is Done.  Click to See the Results!

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