Zoom Rocketz and Sky Ripperz, High Flying Outdoor Fun From Zing Toys

Zoom Rocketz Zomp Rocketz Zing Toys

Sky Ripperz from Zing Toys

The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect…so why are the kids still sitting inside playing video games.  After the long winter, it may take some extra motivation to get the kids to put down their electronic devices and actually play outside.  Luckily, Zing Toys has some awesome outdoor toys for 2013 that will have the kids playing outside until the sun goes down.

Sky Ripperz, Pull Them Back and Let Them Rip

What is better than a rocket you can launch by hand and flies 250 feet?  A rocket that you launch by hand, flies 250 feet and whistles on its way down!

Let’s take a look at the Sky Ripperz in Our Hands-On Video Review -

As the video shows, the Sky Ripperz is just good, simple outdoor fun.  No batteries, no complicated setup, just pull the rockets back and watch them fly.  For about $15 you get 2 whistling rockets and the rip-zip launcher.   The kids loved playing with these bungee launched rockets and came up with all types of games.  Sky Ripperz from Zing Toys is recommended for ages 8+, which makes sense since it takes some skill to pull the rockets back and launch them without hitting your hand.  Younger kids could experience some frustration with the launcher, but kids ages 8 and up should not have any problems.

Zoom Rocketz, Kids Stomp and The Rockets Fly

Zoom Rocketz Zomp Rocketz Zing Toys

If your kids love stomping and watching rockets fly over 200 feet, they will love Zoom Rocketz!

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of the Zoom Rocketz -

Here is a quick formula for outdoor fun –

Stomp on Pad + High Flying Rockets = Hours of Outdoor Fun

As the video shows, the Zoom Rocketz give your kids what they need to have a blast while playing outside.  We have always been big fans of Stomp Rockets and love how Zing has improved on the design by allowing you to alter the angle of the launch tube.

The Zoom Rocketz are rated for ages 10+ but we actually think this is the easier of the two Zing toys for younger kids.  The Sky Ripperz requires some strength and skill to get the bungee launcher to work exactly right.  On the other hand, all kids need to do with the Zoom Rocketz is stomp on the pad…which pretty much anyone can do!  If you are looking for an easy way to get the kids to launch some rockets up to 200 feet in the air, the Zoom Rocketz is the way to go.

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Visit Zing Toys To Learn More about the Zoom Rocketz and Sky Ripperz

Purchase the Sky Ripperz ($14.99) and Zoom Rockets ($14.99) at Toys R Us

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