We Hit The 6 Million View Mark On YouTube, Even With A Musically Challenged Cat

6 Million Views for Dad Does on YouTube

Cedric The Cat Who Does Not Play Piano

In addition to being a Dad to two incredibly smart and wonderful kids, I am also a Dad to a lazy, useless cat named Cedric (pictured above).  Don’t get me wrong, Cedric is fine – he sits there, you pat him and sometimes he licks himself in a funny way.  The problem is the Cat has no rhythm, he simply lacks any useful musical skills.   I mean it is so bad that we actually had to do over 300 in-depth product review videos, over 6 hours of video, just to get 6 million views on our YouTube Channel!

Things Would Have Been Much Easier If Cedric Just Played Piano

We have had fun doing our Toy Review videos and all of our RC Toy Video Reviews and thrilled that our videos have now been watched over 6 Million times –

6 Million Views for Dad Does on YouTube

but we could have saved a ton of time and gotten 5 times more views if Cedric just hopped on the piano and started playing, like the Keyboard Cat…

Over 30 Million views for one 55 second video?  Cedric, you’re killing us.  Oh, think Keyboard Cat is like the Michael Jordan of cats, a once in a lifetime cat?  Yeah, well then how do you explain Nora –

Well, at least Nora has been practicing for 7 years to create that one video that got 24 Million views.  Besides, Nora is just a one hit wonder…what?  She has a sequel???

But, just like in Hollywood, the sequel never is as good as the original – poor Nora only got 8 million views for this one.

Cedric, would it kill you to play Gangnam Style on the piano while some mice do the Harlem Shake?

Still, We Are Thrilled With Our Modest 6 Million Views on YouTube

We will never have the YouTube fame that comes from owning a charismatic cat, but we are still honored and humbled by the fact that you have watched our video reviews over 6 million times.  We have embarrassed the kids, made fools out of friends and have created absolute proof that I have no business being called an adult.  Still, it was all worth it just so we could get within 24 million views of Keyboard Cat.

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