Fly Wheels and Fly Wheels Flight, Jakks Pacific Aims To Keep Things VERY Simple

Fly Wheels Toy from Jakks Pacific

Fly Wheels Toy from Jakks Pacific

Sure a car has many parts, but the wheel is where all the action is at.  A helicopter?  Yeah, I guess it is more than just a propellor, but really, what would a helicopter be without a propellor? Jakks Pacific has taken a page out of the keep it simple playbook are re-released the Fly Wheels line of toys.  Want something that goes 200 MPH scale speed?  No need to get the whole car, just get the Fly Wheels After Burner street tire, pull the rip cord and watch the FlyWheels tire…fly!  Want to see something literally fly?  Go with the Fly Wheels Flight and pull the ripcord to watch the propellor fly over 30 feet.

How Much Power Can a Rip Cord Deliver?

The Fly Wheels toys don’t use batteries, rather you just pull a ripcord to set them in motion.  Can pulling a rip cord really send a flying disc over 3 stories high?  Is it possible that a rip cord powered tire could jump over my car?  It was time to review the Fly Wheels toys from Jakks Pacific, so we got the camera rolling and headed outside for some testing.

Please watch our video reviews of the Fly Wheels and Fly Wheels Flight…

Fly Wheels After Burner 18″ Tire –

Fly Wheels Flight –

Fly Wheels Flight Is Simple, Easy, Fun

The Fly Wheels Flight is absolutely NOT something brand new, innovative or cutting edge, HOWEVER, it is fun!  The video really shows it all – pull the ripcord and the flying disc takes off.  The harder and faster you pull, the higher the flying disc goes.  No batteries to deal with, no recharging, just pull, watch and play.  Thankfully the FlyWheels Flight comes with 2 discs, so if you lose one the fun does not need to end!

Fly Wheels Proves The Tire Is the Heart of The Car

Some will argue that the engine is the heart of the car.  Yeah, well, pull a ripcord on an engine and see if it can jump over a car?  No, it is the tire that does all the real work in a car, so why even bother with the rest of the car?  This is the exact idea behind the Fly Wheels toy.  You can purchase different types of tires, but the idea is always the same, pull a ripcord and watch the tire go up to 200 MPH scale speed.

You can just race the tires, and Jakks Pacific makes the Fly Wheels Twin Turbo Launcher so you can instantly race two tires, but the real fun comes when you add in a ramp.  You can purchase a Fly Wheels Ramp, but you can also make your own ramp (which my kids always love to do).  As the video shows, the Fly Wheels tires are incredibly fast and do some amazing jumps.  Again, no battery necessary, just pull the ripcord and stand back.

FlyWheels, The Perfect Way to Get The Kids Outside

As this long winter finally comes to an end, we have been looking for ways to get the kids outside before we all go insane.  The FlyWheels toys from Jakks Pacific are a great way to get the kids out and having fun.  We love the speed of the Fly Wheels tires and of course being able to jump over a car is always fun.  The Fly Wheels Flight moves things to a vertical level.  The flying discs really fly and the kids made up a great game where they tried to catch the discs to earn point.

If you are looking for a fun, simple and battery free way to get the kids playing outside this spring, the Fly Wheels line of toys from Jakks Pacific is a great option.

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