Go One Day Without Shoes On 4/16/13 And Help Change The World @TOMS #WITHOUTSHOES

One Day Without Shoes

One Day Without Shoes

Has the stress of Tax Day pushed us to insanity?  How can spending April 16th 2013, barefoot, really change the world?  Simply put, because you will be part of the One Day Without Shoes (ODWS) movement, which looks to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. Millions of children live without shoes, aren’t allowed to attend school and are more exposed to injury and disease.  So, kick off your shoes for one day, see what it is like and we promise, you will not be alone…

Join In, Everyone Is Doing The Barefoot Challenge!

Last year, over 50 countries participated; there were over 3,000 events held worldwide; over 1,400 companies joined the Barefoot Challenge and over 500 schools in all 50 states got involved to show their support.  What complicated procedure is involved in taking part in this Barefoot Challenge?  Get ready, make sure the printer is loaded up with paper, here are all the steps…

    1. Don’t Wear Shoes on April 16th, 2013

That is it!  If you want to join up with an event or learn how to raise awareness about the issues of children without shoes, just hop over to the One Day Without Shoes site (sponsored by TOMS shoes) and get everything you need.

Need more inspiration, check out this quick video –

You Really Can Make A Difference, Just Lose The Shoes For a Day

I have always taken shoes for granted – maybe I could not afford the Air Jordans when I was kid, but I always had shoes.   Yet, millions of kids don’t have shoes and the impact of this is enormous.  Shoes help protect from cuts, diseases and soil-based infections like hookworm, which affects 740 million people worldwide.  Not to mention the self esteem and confidence issues that arises when kids don’t have shoes.

For one day, see what it is like to walk barefoot and let everyone know why you are doing it.  We really can make a difference!

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Visit the One Day Without Shoes Site To Get All The Information

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