Review: Math Dice Powers Practice by Thinkfun, Can A Math Game Be Fun?

Math Dice

Math Dice

I assume at some point in the not so distant future we will all have computers permanently attached to our bodies.  Need to figure out what 12 to the 3rd power is?  Tug your right earlobe and your onboard ear calculator will project the number 1,728 onto your computer enhanced left retina.  Until that day comes, it is probably a wise idea to teach the kids some math.   No, not the boring stuff like 1+1, but more advanced stuff like exponents, powers and some fast moving mental math.  The new Thinkfun Math Dice Powers Practice Edition promises to teach kids (ages 10 and up) some advanced math, while having fun!

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of the Math Dice Powers Practice Edition -

All Things In Life Should Involve Rolling Dice

There is just something about rolling dice that is inherently fun.  Maybe if paying taxes involved rolling dice, it would be fun too…okay, no, it woud still completely suck, but for practicing math skills and making a fun game – dice rule!  The video shows how basic the rules are to the game – combine the three scoring dice in an equation that matches or comes closest to the target number.  Simple enough to understand, but it really gets you thinking and is challenging for all ages.

You can keep things simple, or get much more complex.  The fact that no paper or calculators are allowed, really forces you to do some mental math and look for patterns.  Sometimes you roll the dice and the best answer jumps right out at you.  Other times you just stare at the dice and can’t figure out the right equation…only to be embarrassed when your 11 year old son calls out an exact match.

Don’t Like the Rules to Math Dice Powers Practice Edition?  Make Your Own

The instruction book gives you the basic rules to the game and also includes an alternative version of the game.   Depending on the age of the players involved, you can modify the game play to your needs.   For example, the power die goes up to 3 and the base die goes up to 12.  So you could get a role of 12 to the 3rd power, which of course everyone knows is 1,728 (thanks calculator).  That might be a little hard for younger players (or over tired Dads), so you could decide to do a re-roll on this.

Another option we played with was a handicap.  Let’s say you have an ambitious 9 year old who wants to play, maybe you need to beat him by 3 or more to win the round.  For example, if the Target Number is 36 and the 9 year old gets 30, you need to get 33 or better to beat him.  From our experience the handicap was done the wrong way, it is the poor, tired and mentally slow parents who need the +3 handicap!

Conclusion: Math Dice Powers Practice Is a Fun Way to Give The Brain A Workout

We have said it before and we will say it again, education games are great…as long as they are fun first.  You know what super educational, but boring games are good for?  Collecting all that dust that is floating through the air.  Thankfully, Math Dice Powers Practice is fun, challenging and educational. The game is easy to learn, super portable (makes a great travel games) and can be played with as many players as you like.  If you are looking for a way to get your kids, 10 years old and up, excited to do math, the Math Dice Powers Practice from Thinkfun is the perfect answer.

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