It’s Tax Season, Numbers Are Flying Through My Head, But Which Number Flies Best?

Flying Numbers

Flying Numbers

Tax day is coming!  For millions of Americans this means adding, subtracting and dare we say it…even multiplying numbers!  There are forms to fill out, numbers to enter, columns to be totalled!  I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have numbers flying through my head.  Which got me thinking…which number really would be the best flyer???

Could 2 Out Fly 3?  Would 8 Lap 4?

If all these numbers in my head could come alive and try to fly across a football field, which would make it the furthest?  To keep things simple, let just say the numbers are 0 – 9.  Would the smooth lines of a 7 be able to out distance the curviest 8?  Hmm, when we don’t know the answer to something, there is only one thing to do…giveaway $50 and ask people on Facebook of course!

Click for Our Facebook Which Number Flies Furthest $50 Giveaway

There are no wrong answers, just go to the Facebook post and leave a comment with your pick (a number between 0 and 9) and on Friday April 5th we will randomly pick a winner.  A winner for –

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Sorry, We Need to Get Back to Our Taxes Now

Time for use to get back to our taxes and numbers dancing through our head.  Unfortunately we can’t make tax day go away, but drop a comment on the Flying Numbers Facebook Post and maybe you will win $50.  Hmm, I wonder how will the number 50 would fly….

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Drop a Comment on The Flying Numbers Facebook Post To Enter the Contest.  Contest ends on 4/5/13.

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