Review: Harvard Sweet Boutique, Who Needs Gadgets When You Can Eat Sweets?

Harvard Sweet Boutique

Harvard Sweet Boutique

Here at Dad Does we get to review a number of cool gadgets and high tech toys.  Technology marches forward and the mini-computers smartphones we all carry in our pocket have endless features.  Yet, there is still one test that all our cool gadgets fail miserably… the taste test!  Have you ever tried to eat your iPhone?  I don’t recommend it.  No, when it comes to awesome treats you still need to go old school and find an awesome bakery that makes cookies, brownies and toffee, maybe something like Harvard Sweet Boutique.

Just For You, We Have Been Eating Treats From Harvard Sweet Boutique

Recently we were contacted by a Boston based bakery and treat shop called Harvard Sweet Boutique.  Here is the description –

“Our specialty is putting together unique and spectacular dessert gift packages brimming with freshly baked gourmet cookies, toffee, and brownies. You’ll find flavors to suit every fancy, and box designs to reflect a wealth of styles. Our sweets are made fresh, by hand, in small batches, using only the best ingredients available – including pure, double-strength Madagascar vanilla, deeply dark Belgian chocolate, and fresh roasted nuts.”

As our regular readers know, we never recommend anything we have not reviewed in a real world setting, so in order to review Harvard Sweet Boutique we would have to eat yummy treats.  This job can be so hard, but we do it all for you…we eat every last crumb of the brownies…just because we care about you.

This Needs To Be Challenging, So Send Us A Box of Gluten Free Treats

As I have yet to meet a “regular” cookie or brownie from a bakery I did not like, it was clear that sending us a box of their “standard” treats would not provide a challenging enough test.  Instead we had Harvard Sweet send us a box of their Gluten Free treats.  We are talking cookies like Double Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. In the brownie department, they had Fudge, Mint, Raspberry, Peanut Butter or Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel.

There are a number of different Gluten Free gift boxes that Harvard Sweet Boutique offers, but we went with a variety box.

Here are some photos…

Gluten Free Treats from Harvard Sweet Boutique

Nice box, good presentation if you were giving as a gift, but we want to see what is inside…

Gluten Free Gift Basket

A fine selection of yummy treats – all gluten free, fresh baked and sealed in individual bags.

Of Course All You Want to Know Is – How Did They Taste!

All the gluten free cookies and brownies were awesome…and not just “awesome for gluten free”, but just flat out great tasting.  The cookies and brownies were moist and filled with flavor.  There was no nasty aftertaste or sense that something weird had been used in place of gluten.  When you eat a peanut butter brownie guess what you taste?  Peanut butter and chocolate!  Everything was very well done, maybe a slight bit chewy on some of the brownies, but that is a very minor complaint.  The other issue with any gluten free treat is they tend to cost a little more.  You can visit the Harvard Sweet Boutique to see all the pricing information, but expect to pay more for Gluten Free.

If You Have a Strong Gluten Allergy, Read All The Information Carefully

One important point to anyone with a severe gluten allergy, you want to read the ingredients very carefully.  A quick look at the Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies ingredients shows “* Produced in a bakery with other products that contain wheat, dairy, tree nuts, and soy.” Any parent of children with food allergies knows to read the fine print, but if you are looking to get a gift for someone who is gluten free, you just need to make sure they are okay with food that is made in a bakery that uses wheat in other products.

Hey, What’s With The Plastic Bags, Are The Treats Fresh?

In the photos above you will notice each treat is in its own bag – this is a good thing.  Every order from Harvard Sweet Boutique is made fresh to order without preservatives and the sealed bags help the treats stay yummy longer.  If you are wondering how long the treats will last, here is the info –

Gluten Free Treats

If you are interested in the ingredients and nutritional information of each treat, that information can be found here.

Conclusion: Harvard Sweet Boutique Provides Awesome Gluten Free and Non-Gluten Free Treats for Any Occasion

For many parents, finding gluten free treats for their children who have gluten issues, can be a real challenge.  You normally have to sacrifice taste when you go gluten free – but not anymore.  The Gluten Free treat boxes from Harvard Sweet Boutique prove that gluten free does NOT mean taste free.  We did not try all the other, non-gluten free treats, but it is safe to assume they will taste yummy as well.

Until Apple comes out with a gluten free, edible and delicious iPhone 6, we will need to look beyond our gadgets for awesome treats.  If you are looking for a sweet treat, for almost any occasion, Harvard Sweet Boutique is an excellent option.

More Information:

Visit Harvard Sweet Boutique For Full Information and Pricing

Note: If you need Gluten Free treats that were made in a facility that is 100% Gluten Free, Harvard Sweet Boutique treats are not going to work.

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