Review: ArtSee Studio From WowWee, Now Preschoolers Can Join In The iPad Fun

ArtSee Studio from WowWee

ArtSee Studio from WowWee

Show me a parent with an iPad and young kids and I will show you a parent…watching their kids play with their iPad.  We all start with the same idea, we get an iPad thinking we will use it, but within days the kids have taken it over and turned it into their must have toy.  We hold our breath as the kids take their sticky hands and tap away at the iPad, all the while hoping they don’t break it, delete our apps or get into some photos they shouldn’t see.

Now WowWee has come to the rescue with the ArtSee Studio – an iPad case and collection of apps that allows kids ages 3 and up to safely enjoy the iPad…without destroying anything.  Even young kids will have no problem painting, animating, drawing and playing games with the ArtSee Studio.

Let’s take a look at the ArtSee Studio in action -

ArtSee Studio, An Interactive Art Studio That Young Kids Will Love

The ArtSee does an excellent job of making it easy even for 3 year olds to create paintings, drawings and animations.  As a parent, you will feel slightly less guilt if your kids are playing with electronics, but creating beautiful works of art!  Here is a full break down on the features of the ArtSee Studio –

  • Create and play with over 75 animated stamp variations
  • 15 roller patterns
  • 3 built-in theme packs
  • Place interactive tools on stamps to animate them and to play fun sound effects
  • Play games such as Connect the dots, Symmetry, Memory games and much more
  • 60 challenging activities in 5 unique games
  • Over 15 coloring pages
  • Multi-functional stylus
  • 5 interactive tools
  • Share artwork via Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Easy-Grip Handle
  • Protective Case
  • Made for iPad® (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation)

Parents Will Love The Hidden Home Button

Right now, if you want your preschooler to play a game on your iPad you can open the game app and hand the iPad to your child.  All is fine until those curious little fingers press that big inviting home button and next thing you know your preschooler is Googling who knows what.  One of the great design features of the ArtSee Studio case is that it covers the home button.  Your kids will not be able to get out of the ArtSee Studio world, as a parent needs to do a special two finger touch to get out to a menu.

Drawing With ArtSee Studio Tools Sure Beats Drawing With Your Finger

Sure your kids could take their finger and draw on the iPad, but it gets old pretty quick.  Somehow using the 5 included ArtSee Studio Tools provides for a much better experience.  The interactive stamps make patterns, animation, music, and special effects. Use the tactile stylus as a pencil, crayon, marker or paint brush, and then try turning it on its side to make textures and visual effects. As the video shows, the whole process is very easy and intuitive.

Conclusion: The ArtSee Studio Turns Your iPad Into An Impressive Drawing And Play Kit

People who don’t have kids probably think it is crazy to turn a $600 iPad into a drawing and sticker book for preschoolers.  Parents look at things slightly different.  Paying under $40 to get the ArtSee Studio, that will keep the iPad safe, entertain the kids, encourage artwork, creativity and ensure that when your iPad is returned to you it is in one piece…that is a total no brainer!  The ArtSee Studio is a great product for kids ages 3-7 that both parents and kids will adore.

More Information:

ArtSee Studio From WowWee Retails for $39.95

The ArtSee Studio is compatible with all iPads (running IOS 5 and above)

The ArtSee Package includes: 1 ArtSee Studio Case, 5 ArtSee Studio Tools, 1 ArtSee Studio Pen and 1 User manual (free App can be downloaded from iTunes)

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