Review: Hot Wheels Spin Shotz Big Air Target Takedown, Spinning Tops Never Die!

Hot Wheels SpinShotz Big Air Target Takedown

Hot Wheels Spin Shotz

Quick, when you think of Hot Wheels what comes to mind?  Cars?  Nope, not today.  The correct answer – spinning tops!  Today we are taking a look at the brand new line of Spin Shotz spinning tops and the Spin Shotz Big Air Target Takedown track set.  We first got a sneak peak of the SpinShotz at Toy Fair 2013 and we have now had a chance to do a full review of the Spin Shotz in a real world setting.

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of the Spinz Shotz In Action -

Spin Shotz May Look Like Beyblades, But There Are Significant Differences

Let’s state the obvious – show Spin Shotz to any 7 year old boy and he will immediate say  – “Wow, looks like Beyblades“.  Yes, Spin Shotz and Beyblades are both collectible spinning top toys, but the way you play with them is very different.  While Beyblades are about battles, Spin Shotz are more about speed, jumps, races and tricks (not to say you can’t battle with SpinShotz).  As we show in the video, the ability to stack the Hyper Speed Spin Shotz Track Disks is very cool.  Of course, once you put a SpinShotz disc on a track set like the Big Air Target Takedown you definitely see the Hot Wheels influence on these toys.

Parents Watch Out, There Are Plenty of Spin Shotz Toys Coming Out in 2013

Parents, we have some good news and bad news for you.  First the good news – Spin Shotz are fun and addictive and kids will love to play with them.  Now for the bad news – Spin Shotz are fun and addictive and kids will love to play with them.  The reason that is also bad news is because Hot Wheels makes endless Spin Shotz toys, which the kids will constantly beg you for every time you step foot in Target.

You have over 50 different SpinShotz disks.  There is the Endurance Spin Shotz Pack, Stunting Pack and Speed Pack.  You then have different launchers – standard twist up launchers and a motorized launcher.  You have the Super Score Shoot-Out Set, which gives you scoring targets to aim for.  Then you have playsets, track sets and carrying cases.  Some playsets are about jumps, while others like the Spinshotz Hyperspeed Showdown Playset are more about battling. In true Hot Wheels form, the tracks can all interconnect so you can make some major jumps and stunts.

The Hot Wheels Spin Shotz Big Air Target Takedown Is High Speed Fun

Hot Wheels SpinShotz Big Air Target Takedown

To review the Spin Shotz, we first had the kids play with the Spin Shotz discs.  They had a great time spinning them on the floor and trying to stack the SpinShotz and see how long they could keep them going.  Then I put together the Big Air Target Takedown track and we got to see why they call the Spin Shotz “Hyper Speed Track Disks”.  As the video shows, the SpinShotz really fly, literally, when you place them on the high speed high-tech Magna-Grip tracks.

Conclusion:  SpinShotz Successfully Combine the Best of Cars and Battling Tops

At first we found it strange that Hot Wheels would move away from cars and get into the spinning top business.  After spending a good deal of time playing with Spin Shotz, it now makes complete sense that this is a Hot Wheels toy.  The high speed disks and tracks really makes SpinShotz play like a top shaped car…if that makes any sense.  Of course, you can’t stack spinning cars – but you can stack SpinShotz.

If you have kids who are into cars, race sets and/or spinning tops like Beyblades, they will have a great time with the whole Spin Shotz line.  The problem with some of the other spinning top toys is that they don’t really move much, they just spin in place.  The SpinShotz solves this problem with the Magna-Grip track sets that really get the Hyper Disks moving, crashing, jumping and flying…and really what kid doesn’t like flying, crashing, spinning tops?

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