Monkeez and Friends, Can Your Children Learn Philanthropy From a Plush Doll?

Monkeez Makes A Difference

Monkeez Makes A Difference

I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t have a sack of stuffies (stuffed animals) or plush toys hidden in a closet somewhere.  Kids love plush toys and would drown in all the animals they collect if we didn’t secretly pull out some stuffies and hide them away in a closet.  So, the obvious question is, what would inspire any parent to buy their kids another plush toy such as Monkeez and Friends from MVP Group International? How about the fact that the cute Monkeez plush toys also enable your children to become philanthropists and do good deeds?  Proof that you can be cute, adorable and very smart!

Monkeez Makes A Difference Turns Plush Toys Into Learning Toys

The Monkeez and Friends line of plush toys are plenty cute…


If somehow those monkeys don’t do it for you, go with one of the “friends” in the form of other animals such as frogs, dogs and alligators.  Yes, Monkeez and Friends are well made and cute plush toys, but the real excitement here comes in the Monkeez Makes a Difference tag.

The new Monkeez Makes A Difference program is a first-of-its-kind innovative and interactive program that empowers children to help others and learn the importance of compassion and giving back.  When you buy a Monkeez with the Monkeez Makes A Difference tag you get a code for the kids to use on the Monkeez Island website.  Once the kids have created an account and entered the code, they get to watch videos for three different charities, currently, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Samaritan’s Purse and Best Friends Animal Society.  Your children watch the videos and get to decide which charity should receive a donation of 10% of the wholesale price of the Monkeez.

Monkeez Teaches Children About Giving Back and Charity

There are a number of toy companies that donate a percentage of sales to various charities, which is a great start.  What we love about Monkeez Makes A Difference is that it puts the kids in control and actually teaches them about philanthropy.  As you watch the videos for each charity with your children, they will have questions and most likely they will want to do more.  It can be hard for the kids to choose one charity, but this becomes a teaching moment when you explain the various other ways you can help charities.  Before long you are brainstorming huge tag sales to benefit every charity – it really is very special to see compassion through a child’s eyes.

Points, Coins, Unlocking…With a Major Twist

All parents have dealt with toy tie-in websites that encourage children to play online, earn points or coins and unlock new games or features.  As a Dad, these sites tend to drive me crazy.  We already bought the toy and now there are endless new things to buy and unlock and for what?  Well, Monkeez Island has a very interesting twist on all this.  Yes, there are games, bananas to earn, things to unlock, houses to build, but the very cool thing is it also ties in with doing good.  For example, you can purchase Do Good Trading Cards.

Do Good Trading Cards might have a task like – “Today at lunch, look around. Invite a child that is sitting alone to sit with you.”  If your child comes home and reports she did the task, she gets to scratch to reveal the code on the card – which can be redeemed for things in the online world.  As parents, we really love how Monkeez brings the concept of doing good down to the kid’s level and in their real world.  The kids will love earning the codes and unlocking new things on Monkeez Island.

The Monkeez Island site is new and there still may be a few rough edges as they build it out, but overall it is fun and educational.  There is a nice balance of games and education and we love how the Monkeez and Friends site really focuses on the kids.  We loved seeing the Kids Blog section and the Spotlight on a Junior Philanthropist column right on the front of the site.

Conclusion: Monkeez Makes A Difference, The Fun Toy That Teaches Invaluable Lessons

As a plush toy, the Monkeez and Friends are cute and very huggable!  They make numerous sizes, styles and shapes in a range of prices.  Of course, the real appeal for us is how the toy teaches children about philanthropy and doing good.  I keep thinking of the old adage, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”  Buying a toy that automatically gives a percentage to charity is like giving a fish.  Monkeez Makes A Difference teaches our children what philanthropy is and how they can practice it….hopefully helping to create a future filled with highly skilled philanthropic fishermen!

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