Finally, A Reason Not to Hate Facebook…At Least For a Day



I know, we are supposed to praise Facebook for its ability to keep us all connected, but really who hasn’t thought…”I might just unfriend the world if I get one more update that has a photo of some cute cat doing anything!”  Over 1 billion people connected on a social network and what do we do with all that power?  Share cat and baby photos?  Not on Friday March 22nd – that is when using Facebook will have a real and significant purpose.

UNICEF Tap Project Turns Facebook Into a World Water Network

Friday 3/22/13 is World Water Day and UNICEF has come up with a fun and clever way to use Facebook to actually give people in need increased access to drinkable water and save lives.  Here is how it works –

  • Visit to access the UNICEF Tap Project Facebook app.  Donate $5 to the UNICEF Tap Project to open your “tap” and get started.  Then, choose two Facebook friends to send invites to. Friends then can open their own “taps” and pass it on to two more friends.  And so on…
  • As Facebook users begin to grow the water network, they will be able to see the web of connections around them carry water from friend to friend and the impact of their donation on the lives of children around the world

For a closer look at how it works, check out this video:

EXTRAS!  This March, Giorgio Armani Fragrances will donate $5 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF for each Acqua di Giò, Acqua di Gioia, Acqua di Giò Essenza, and Acqua di Gioia Eau Fraiche spray cologne or gift set purchased in the United States. Giorgio Armani Fragrances will also donate $1 for the first 50,000 people who “like” the “Acqua for Life” Facebook page at from March 1-31.

Don’t Think Your $5 Can Make A Difference?  It ABSOLUTELY CAN!

I know what you are thinking – what difference can $5 really make?  For every $5 donation, UNICEF can provide one child with access to safe, clean water for 200 days! So instead of sharing another cat photo with your friends, open the tap and get them to share water.  Just think, even if just 10 friends decide to take part in this effort, you will have provided clean water for one child for over 5 years!

Still Need More Convincing That You Should Do This?  Well, Sting Is Doing It!

If you do decide to take part in this super cool program, you will absolutely not be alone.  Here are just some of the celebrities that will be taking part –  Angie Harmon, Alyssa MilanoMarcus Samuelsson, Heidi Klum, NasJudd Apatow, Kristen Bell, Jeff Bridges, Common, Kat Graham, Bridgit Mendler, Seth Rogen, Emmy Rossum, Kevin Spacey, Sting and Kate Walsh.

Quick, Do It Right Now Before You Forget

Jump on over to the UNICEF TAP app right now and open your TAP.  Let’s get the water virtually  flowing via Facebook and more importantly we will get clean water flowing to children in need.  Once every child in the world has access to clean water, then we can go back to sharing updates about cute cats playing piano.

More Information:

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