Dot Jewelry: A Craft Idea So Wickedly Simple You’ll Be Shocked You Didn’t Invent It Yourself

Dot Jewelry

Dot Jewelry from Klutz

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire

Klutz has been a long time creator of wonderful books married to all the supplies to learn a craft or activity. Whether you want to learn how to knit, juggle or draw out of yarn, paper or clay, Klutz has you covered.

Their spring line in 2013 includes a great new idea: Dot Jewelry. I got a peek at some samples at Toy Fair in New York, but when we got a full sample in the mail, joy was to be had.

Who Knew Paper Dots + Fishing Line = Jewelry!

Dot Jewelry simply takes cardstock level paper in different sized circle shapes, including various designs on the dots. Using what amounts to fishing line (I’m sure it has a better name, but in essence, that’s what it is), the paper dots, glue, a handy tool to pick up the dots, and a laminated ruler with foam blocks to hold the string, kids can create bracelets and necklaces quickly, easily and beautifully in minutes.

Dot Jewelry

Check out our video of how easy it is to get started on Dot Jewelry.

Dot Jewelry is simple, fun, and has endless creative possibilities. It also would make a terrific idea for a birthday party activity. If supplies run low, it is easy enough to manufacture more just by cutting out your own circles or other shapes (triangles or squares, anyone?) and investing in a spool of fishing line.

Dot Jewelry

Kids as young as 5 or 6 could handle the activity. I tried it out not only on my 9 year old daughter but on children at my library and they were able to happily create bracelets of their own designs in about 10 minutes. They needed a bit of help tying, but otherwise were self-sufficient after a brief explanation. A truly fabulous idea from the minds at Klutz and a great gift to add to those wish lists for crafty kids (or ones you wish would be crafty).

More Information:

Dot Jewelry Comes with: Over 1600 dots, dot picker-upper, glue with brush applicator, 45 feet of clear cord, 2 work surfaces, 8 quick-start templates

Read More About Dot Jewelry At Klutz

Purchase Dot Jewelry for $15.99 at Amazon.Com

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