C20 Coconut Water Reviewed…Luckily It Taste Better Than It Sounds

by nessel on December 1, 2010

c20 Coconut Water

Dads, Moms and kids of all ages – we are going Coco for Coconut Water.  This post is the latest in our series of Coconut Water Reviews .  Be sure to read the other coconut water reviews and prepare yourself for the Dad Does Ultimate Coconut Water Blind Taste Test coming soon!

I know that Carbon Dioxide is CO2.  We all know how excess CO2 is causing huge problems for the planet, and that is one of the reasons why many moms and dads are looking for more natural, organic and green alternatives.   I also know that the Coconut Water we are reviewing today is called C20 and not CO2, but come on, they are so close!  Why would a company producing an all natural coconut water want us to think of evil Carbon Dioxide?

C20 Coconut Water – A Nice Product With a Bad Name

Once you get past the name, the C20 Coconut Water has a lot going for it.  In terms of ingredients, it has just one -

100% Natural Coconut Water

As with all Coconut waters, the claims to fame are high potassium, magnesium and electrolytes.  In addition, it is fat free, gluten free and low in sugar.

C2O, The Tall Boy of Coconut Waters

One of the first things you notice about the C20 is that it comes in a big can – a full 17.5 ounces.  Many of the other coconut water products are sold in much smaller containers, so you do feel you are getting a little more for your money with the C20 Coconut Water.

In fact, the C20 is so large that they list it as 2 servings on the can, then show the nutritional information for just 1 serving, 8 ounces.  Who really drinks half a can of something?  Most likely, you will drink a full can of the C20 Coconut water, so here are the Nutrition Facts on One Full Can -

c20 Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

Remember, the above is for 1 Full Can.  The Nutrition Facts on the can show half the above amounts, since they say a can is two servings.

Do Inland Coconuts from Thailand Really Taste Different?

When we were given a sample of the C2O at Natural Products Expo East, the rep from Sunsweet Naturals made it a point to tell us that C2O was made with young green coconuts from INLAND Thailand.   He explained that while other companies use coconuts from Thailand, they use coconuts that grow inland where the soil is different and thus the taste of the coconuts is different.

Needless to say, we were very skeptical that the exact location of the coconuts could have a major impact on the taste of the coconut water, but he pressed on comparing coconuts to grapes and the analogy of how wines taste very different even though they all use grapes.

Does C2O Coconut Water Really Taste Different?

The answer is a resounding yes!  We had a number of different people try the C2O and the response was very positive across the board.  Here are some of the comments from our tasting:

Experienced Coconut Water Drinkers:

- “Very consistent and smooth – no kick at the end”

- “Balanced taste, no ups and downs”

- “Sweeter than most, almost robost”

- “Light, not overpowering”

Non Experienced Coconut Water Drinkers:

- “Taste like sweet water”

- “Consistent”

- “Thirst quenching”

- “Not pulpy”

What The Kids Said:

- “Coconutty”

- “Mellow To Your Mouth”

- “Not To Strong”

- “Yummy”

- “I sort of, half-way like it”

Summary of Taste Test on C2O Coconut Water

C20 Coconut Water was a clear winner when it came to taste. Most coconut water has almost a taste curve it follows.  It may start tasting mellow, but then has a strong aftertaste kick.  The C2O Coconut Water on the other hand was a very consistent and straight taste.  The mellow taste you get from the first sip is still there when you swallow.

Experienced coconut water drinkers may find it slightly more sweet than most other coconut waters.  Non experienced coconut water drinkers will like its very mellow and easy taste.  All of our tasters could see drinking this after a long run.   Kids were a little hit and miss, really varies from kid to kid.  We will be very interested to see how the C2O fares in the Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test!

C2O Taste Great, But Does It Come At a Nutritional Price?

The C20 really tastes great, but the nutritional profile is not as strong as some of the other coconut waters.  If you look at the Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water we reviewed yesterday you see that it has 690mg of Potassium and 6% Magnesium in a 10 ounce can.  The C2O, in a 17.5 ounce can, only has about 600mg of Potassium and 6% Magnesium.  Both products list just one ingredient – natural young coconut water – so maybe where it grows, if it is organic and processing really do have an impact on taste and nutrition.

We will do a whole separate post on comparing nutritionals and packaging of the coconut waters, but for now we just wanted to make you aware that not all coconut waters have the same nutrients.

Conclusion on the C2O Natural Coconut Water

While we don’t like the name, we did like the taste of C20! The C2O has a consistent and constant flavor that most people will find enjoyable.  As with any coconut water, it is best served cold and best when you are very thirsty.   Many of our tasters came back asking for more, so it looks like the C2O will be a strong competitor in the Dad Does Blind Taste Test!

Have Your Tried the C2O Coconut Water?  Leave Us A Comment And Let Us Know What You Think

Looking to Buy C2O Coconut Water?  It is Available on Amazon.Com

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  • McKenna

    I’m drinking it right now. By far, the best tasting brand I’ve tried yet. I’m addicted and hope to offer it in my yoga studio next spring. Anyone know how to get a wholesale account?
    The name has never bothered me. I knew they were going for a twist on “h20″, the though of c02 had never occured to me. I also like the feel of drinking from the can rather than those weird little tetrapaks.

    • http://www.daddoes.com Dan Dad Does

      Hi McKenna,

      Thanks for the comments. If it helps – we picked up a wholesale sheet on the CO2 at the Expo East Show – the phone number for Sunsweet Growers is 1-888-749-5038, you can probably call them to find out about wholesale.


      • McKenna

        Thanks Dad! I mean…. Dan!

  • Todd

    Evil Carbon Dioxide? That’s like saying water is evil. Too much of either one is dangerous, but without them we wouldn’t be here. Without any greenhouse gases, Earth would freeze. Please be more scientifically accurate even if you are only touching on the subject. Thanks.

  • Grude420

    Does the author of this article understand that carbon dioxide is a live giving gas and is what plants breathe and is the reason they produce oxygen that allows humans and other animals to survive?  HELLLOOOO??? Can anyone say “6th grade science class”?

  • Io

    C (Coconut) + H2O (water) = C2O (note the O not 0) 
    This portmanteau is pretty obvious. 

    You consistently bash the name (under false pretenses) and misspell it on multiple occasions (fix your typos)

  • Bea Richter74

    It’s the only coconut water I’ll drink! In fact I have about 2 a day!! Love it, also the name doesn’t bug me one bit I thought it was a spin off from H2O… Pretty clever if you ask me… :)

  • sydney

    i  agree c20 has the best taste the only one ( not o.n.e) that comes close to it is vita coco.  

    • Heather

      I agre -but this is still better don’t you think?

  • Timknight333

    Dude Carbon dioxide is not bad for the planet, in fact most life as we knows needs it to survive, including us………………

  • Taylor234

    Isn’t C2O Dicarbon Monoxide? 

  • Heather

    I really like this C2O. This is the only coconut water that I can swallow -most others taste slimy and trigger my gag reflex!  LOL  It’s true.  While the name is silly (i’m guessing coco=c2 then O like h2o)  I really like this ALOT.  I don’t often buy juice or soda but this is a real treat for me 4-6 month (as opposed to juice/soda 4-6 year).  It is pricy, I wish they sold it in larger containers.  :-)  

  • Christa Buchanawn

    I bought 30 of them to try out and it tastes like fake coconut water. Tastes more like the package the water was contained in. Tastes nothing like the real thing. real coconut baby ones are very sweet.

    I am from hawaii and our coconut do not taste shitty like this.

  • Christa Buchanawn

    By the way without carbon dioxide you would not exist.

  • Christa Buchanawn

    By the way without carbon dioxide you would not exist.

    you are confused with carbon monoxide.

    • Amelie

      Carbon Monoxide is CO and Carbon Dioxide is CO2. Christa is correct. That’s science baby!

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