Best New Toys of 2013: Top 7 Toys To Blast Away Your Stress

Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter

Top Toy Blasters 2013

As a parent, how can you not appreciate a well done educational toy?  Then there are all the Tech toys – incredible gadgets that allow kids to play in virtual worlds.  Still, when it comes to flat-out, pure energy releasing fun, how can you beat a good blaster?  A few years ago if you said blaster, you were really talking about Nerf guns, but times, they are a changing.  Today, there are all sorts of blasters and toy guns for kids – and while parents might not love the idea of the kids shooting each other, I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like these toys.

Yep, even kds have stress and sometimes they need to blow off a little steam…or nerf bullets…or marshmallows…

The Top 7 Blasters and Shooters for 2013

To do our best possible reporting at Toy Fair 2013, we regressed to 9 year old boy maturity…which was shockingly easy to do.  With our 9 year old mindset locked in, we scoured the show floor looking for the best toy blasters that are new for 2013 and here is what we found…

Zing Legends Longbow

Zing Legends Longbow

With the popularity of Hunger Games, Long Bows, CrossBows and Bow and Arrows are the IN thing for 2013.    Luckily the Zing Toys Legends Longbow is not some hastily thrown together toy to capitalize on the Longbow movement, this bow has some serious power.  Here is the full description –

“Kids can now defend the realm with the Legends™ Longbow, the ultimate soft-foam bow and arrow combo! With an all-new wood-like appearance, kids can be modern day marksmen and practice their archery skills indoors or outside. The soft-foam Zonic™ whistle-screaming arrows squeal through the air at distances of up to 125 feet, while the Zartz™ suction cup arrows stick to almost anything. Just hook the ammo into the safe-and-secure loading zone, line up the shot and let it fly! Packaging includes: 1 Legends Longbow™, 2 Long-Range Zonic Arrows and 1 Zartz Arrow.”

Firing an arrow 125 feet is great, but is it accurate?  Well, just watch this video for your answer –

Visit Zing Toys To Learn More. Zing Legends Longbow, $29.99, Ages 8+, Spring 2013

Atomic Double Barrel Power Popper by Hog Wild Toys

Atomic Power Popper from Hog Wild Toys

Really, was there any chance we were not going to love a blaster with the words Atomic and Double Barrel in it?  The Atomic Double Barrel Power Popper delivers double the power as it fires 18 soft foam balls in rapid succession (Eighteen soft foam balls included).  This may not have the range of some of the other blasters, but popping your sibling with a rainbow collection of foam balls is thrilling enough!

Want to see the Atomic Power Poppers in action?  Take a look at this video we shot at Toy Fair 2013 –

Atomic Double Barrel Power Popper by Hog Wild, Ages 4+, Retail: $21.99, Available Spring 2013.

ZombieBot by WowWee Toys

ZombieBot by WowWee Toys (RoboZombie)

Believe it or not, the thrill of blasting your friends or sibling with a toy blaster does eventually get old.  Sometimes you need a new target, and what better target than a Zombie Robot?  The ZombieBot is a remote control Zombie from WowWee toys with an interesting twist.  On your remote you have a foam blaster and you need to blast away the Zombie Bot before he gets you.  Did we mention his body parts fall off when you hit him and his head explodes when you defeat him?  Yeah, it is pretty awesome.  Check out the ZombieBot in action –

ZombieBot from WowWee Toys, Ages 6+, Fall 2013, Price TBA

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow

Ok, everyone who was busy drafting emails telling us we don’t include enough blasters that girls will like can now move that email to the trash folder!  The New Nerf Rebelle line of blasters is made for girls and that does NOT just mean slapping some pink on a Nerf blaster.  The Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow is all new, unlike anything Nerf has made before, here is the info –

“Inspired by current pop culture trends, the HEARTBREAKER bow offers girls the poise and precision to take on any mission. To activate the bow, simply load a dart in the front and take aim. Then, pull back on the bow string handle and release to send darts soaring across the sky up to 75 feet, allowing for shot that shows off your skill with aim and attitude. Ready for action, the bow features an accessory rail which provides for five-dart storage for easy access to ammo and allows girls to customize their blaster with fun add-ons, like the NERF REBELLE App Cradle (sold separately).”

Here is a quick look at the Nerf Rebelle Line –

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow, HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $19.99/Available: Fall 13


Nerf N-Strike Roughcut

Perhaps the death of traditional dart blasters has been greatly exaggerated.  The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut Blaster shows that the Nerf line of dart blasters is alive and well.    Last year the N-Strike Elite introduced dart blasters with a 75 foot range and now you get 2 darts at a time flying 75 feet!  Here is the info –

“The NERF N-STRIKE ELITE ROUGH CUT 2X4 blaster delivers a double dart blast by firing two darts at a time with its double-barrel up to 75 feet! The ROUGH CUT blaster barrel holds up to eight darts, allowing for four double dart blasts before needing to reload more foam fun. Blaster comes with eight N-STRIKE ELITE darts.”

Here is a quick look at the New blasters in the N-Strike Elite Line –

(Rough Cut Blaster, HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2013)

Skyrocket Toys Missile Striker Vehicle of Mass Destruction

Missile Striker

What happens when you combine two of our favorite things – RC toys and blasters?  You end up with the Missile Striker from Skyrocket Toys!  Drive the missile striker to the perfect location and then press a button and watch the foam dart soar toward the target.  That may not sound that impressive, but when you learn the Missile Striker fires a dart over 75 feet, you start to see why kids are going to love this!

Skyrocket Toys Missile Striker, Ages 8+, SRP $59.95, Available Fall 2013

Marshmallow Shooters From Marshmallow Fun Company

Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter

How could we pick just one of the blasters from Marshmallow Fun Company.  Do we go with the Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter or more old school with the Marshmallow CL Mini Bow?  No, maybe those are too obvious, perhaps something more stealth like the Marshmallow CL SS Popper?  Oh, this is too hard, just pick any of the Marshmallow shooters from Marshmallow Fun Company.  Really, how can you go wrong when you are firing off marshmallows?

Think these blasters don’t pack a punch?  You need to check out our video –

For Pricing and Availability, Check Out Marshmallow Fun Company

Stay Tuned For More of The Best New Toys of 2013

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