Review: Curious George Swings Into Spring DVD, Yes, We Are Reviewing a DVD

Curious George

Curious George

While Dad Does is the self proclaimed place where Dads Do Things and Review Things, up until today, reviewing DVDs was not one of the things that Dads did.  Curiously it was a little monkey who finally got us to review a DVD…or was it that strange man who is always wearing that yellow hat?  Perhaps it was just our desire to be done with winter and leap into spring.  I guess it was a combination of all of the above that got us to review – Curious George Swings Into Spring.

Curiosity Killed The Cat, But It Doesn’t Seem To Have a Lethal Effect on Monkeys

Cats must be very jealous of George.  George has to be the most curious monkey ever, but far from being dead, he is very much alive.  Curious George has been going strong for 70 plus years and now he’s swinging into spring with a new made for DVD movie – Curious George Swings Into Spring.  Here is the summary –

“You know it must be springtime if a curious monkey named George is dancing on the balcony at sunrise! George is so excited about Spring that he wants Hundley to have Spring Fever too. But even blooming flowers, baby animals and canoe rides cannot make Hundley love Spring. Even worse, Hundley gets lost in the country. Searching for his lost friend, George accidentally launches the hot air balloon rally and sails over the countryside. Luckily he manages to grab Hundley from a hilltop along the way. Together they return triumphantly to the city. The Man with the Yellow Hat, the Doorman and Lydia stage a daring rooftop balloon rescue. Not only are George and Hundley saved, but they manage to win the coveted Spring Building Prize! Finally, to George’s delight, now Hundley has Spring Fever too!”

Simply Put, If Your Kids Like Curious George, They Will Dig This Movie

This is not going to be the longest or most complicated review.  Simply put, if your kids are into Curious George, they will love watching George get all curious in the spring!  As a Dad, there is something so peaceful and pleasant about watching Curious George.  No 3D animations, no fast moving, fast talking characters that give you a headache.  The world of Curious George seems so friendly, upbeat and ageless, it is one of those kids cartoons that I actually love to watch.

The only real negative to the Curious George Swings Into Spring Movie is that it is a movie in name only.  At 57 minutes, it feels more like a slightly long TV show, rather than a feature film.  Of course, kids tend to like shorter movies, so they will be happy, you just might wish there was a little more content in a $20 DVD.

Two Ways to Get Curious George Swings Into Spring…

If you want to pay $19.98 (retail price),  Curious George Swings Into Spring will be available on DVD and Digital Download on March 12, 2013.  If you don’t mind waiting until Earth Day – April 22, 2013,  the movie will be shown on PBS for free!  Want a taste of it right now?  Here is a trailer…

If you have some Curious George fans in the house, Curious George Swings Into Spring will be a welcome addition to your collection.

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