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If you are one of the first people to get a super cool, cutting edge gadget – one of two things is going to happen.  The gadget can rock and you feel like a genius for being an early adopter and getting in when the gadget was still cool.  Of couse, the other possibility is that the cutting edge gadget will be more bleeding edge and never really live up to its potential.  You paid top dollar for the gadget and in a few weeks it becomes a very expensive paperweight.  At this point your wife makes you right 100 times on the chalkboard (you do have a chalkboard, right?)  – “I Will Not Waste More Money On Cutting Edge Gadgets!

GizmoTakeOut Let’s You Enjoy Cutting Edge Gadgets, Without The Risk

Now GizmoTakeOut.Com promises to deliver all the fun of playing with cutting edge gadgets, without the risk of getting stuck with a lemon.  The concept is simple, you get to rent cutting edge gadgets for a week or two, a sort of try before you buy concept for gadgets… think NetFlix for gizmos.  We decided to try out the GizmoTakeOut.Com service to see how it all worked.

Let’s Look At Our Quick Video Review of GizmoTakeOut.Com -

When They Say The Latest Gadgets, They Mean The Latest Gadgets!

One of the things that really impressed us about GizmoTakeOut.Com was the selection of gadgets.  They have all the major categories – phones, tablets, game systems, computers, cameras, toys and more.  While they don’t have a huge quantity of gadgets in each category, they seem to have the best and newest gadgets in each category.   If you don’t see a gadget you want, there is also an option to request a gadget.  There is even an option to rent out your own gadgets, if you are into that type of thing.

Simple Process To Renting Out Gadgets

As the video shows, the whole process of renting a gadget is very easy.  You simply select what you want and pick a start date for the rental.  You do need to pick a date at least 5 business days in the future, so no last minute rentals here.   You can rent for 7 or 14 days, with the later usually costing about $10 more.  When it is time to return the gadget, they email you a pre-printed postage label and you just drop the gadget back in the mailbox.  Everything worked without a hitch in our rental test of the Lytro camera.

Proof That GizmoTakeOut Is A Great Idea, We Did Not Love The Lytro Camera

For our test, we rented the Lytro camera.  This is a camera that allows you to focus on any subject, AFTER you take the picture.  We have been huge fans of the Lytro, since seeing it demoed at CES 2012.  Guess what, after using it for 14 days we were happy we did NOT drop $400 on the camera!  It is cool, but the resolution is just not sharp enough and the camera lacks basic features like a flash.  Simply put, the Lytro was fun to play with, but had we bought it, it would have become a $400 dust collector.

Gizmo TakeOut Is a Great Resource For Families Going On Vacation

Going on vacation and want to bring a cool camera?  How about a tablet for the kids to play with on the plane?  They have all the new kid’s tablets to try out.  Maybe you need a Chromebook to quickly check email while on the road.  We can definitely see parents using Gizmo Take Out when they need some extra gadgets for a trip.  The ability to snag a top notch camera for a week or two, without putting down serious cash, is very appealing.

The Only Issue With GizmoTakeOut, The Cost

Figuring out if the price for GizmoTakeOut is fair, really depends on your need/want to try out the latest gadgets.  Prices vary from item to item, but in general the 7 day rental is about 10% of the retail price.  So, the Lytro camera, with a $399 retail price, cost $29 to rent for 7 days (that price includes shipping both ways).  That is only 7% of the retail, which seems like a fair price to us.

In a way, you can think of GizmoTakeOut as “Cutting Edge Gadget Insurance”.  We ended up not loving the Lytro, so we spent $39 (we did a 14 day rental) instead of $399.  If we had loved the Lytro, we would have had to spend the $39 for the rental and then the $399 to buy it.  IMPORTANT UPDATE: It turns out you can buy the gadget direct from GizmoTakeOut and they even deduct the rental cost.  So, if we loved the Lytro we would have only paid $360, since they knock off the $39 we spent on the rental.  Wow, that makes this a true try before you buy, with no risk, now we really love it!

In the end, we love the concept of GizmoTakeOut and will use it again.  The ability to easily rent cutting edge gadgets removes that horrible sting when you spend top dollar for a gadget that never delivers on its promise.  One tip, if you do rent a camera – make sure to delete all those embarrassing photos before you return it!

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