Where is The Dad Blogging On This Dad Blog? I Demand My Money Back!

Dad Blog

Dad Blog

I mean really, this site is called Dad Does, but where is all the great parenting advice for Dads?  Sure, plenty of great toy reviews and product reviews, but where is the hard core, how to be a Dad stuff?  I have half a mind to demand a full refund!

Fear Not, All The Dad Stuff Is On The Pregnancy Site…Under the Mom Blog Section…Of Course!

Like George Washington, I too like cutting down Cherry Trees.  Oh wait, that’s not the connection… right… I too can not tell a lie.  We have been lax here at Dad Does about writing a great deal of Dad parenting advice.  With all the toys, gadgets and other goodies, our advice for Dads section has been lacking.  Luckily, we have the most logical plan to fix things.  We will now write about parenting, from a Dad’s perspective, on the What To Expect website, under the….wait for it… Word of Mom section.  Don’t bother trying to reread that last sentence, it is just as confusing the second time around.

You can check out our first post here –

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This now makes us an official – Word of Mom Blogger –

Word of Mom

What In The World Are We Doing On WhatToExpect.Com?

Ok, we get it, it does seem odd for us Dads to be writing on a Word of Mom blog.  The cool thing is, they are reaching out to Dad Bloggers and trying to get more of the Dad representation on their site – which we applaud.  So, yes, we will be doing more traditional Dad blogging here at Dad Does and in addition we will be doing some guest Dad blogging over at What To Expect.

Hmm, I better go spend some more time with my kids, so I will have some new material to write about.  Hey kids – do something interesting, these blog posts are not going to write themselves!

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