The Best New Toys For 2013? More Of The The Top Toy Videos From Toy Fair 2013

Toy Fair 2013

Toy Fair 2013

We can’t be stopped, we have gone toy crazy!  Toy Fair 2013 ended on 2/13/13, but our coverage of the top toys for 2013 may not end until well into 2014!  Last week we posted Part One of Our Top Toy Videos from Toy Fair 2013 and today we jump in with Part Two.  Before we get into today’s toy videos, let’s do a quick recap of some of our other Toy Fair 2013 coverage –

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Now, onto the new Toy videos for today…

Zoomer The Robotic Pet From Spin Master

A robotic dog that pees on command?  Where do I sign up?

HexBug Nano V2

Hex Bugs are cool, that is a fact.  The Nano V2 can go upside down and through tubes – that is Wicked Cool!

HexBug Aquabot

How do you get cooler than Hex Bugs that can go through tubes, upside down?  How about HexBugs that go in the water.  The HexBug Aquabots will be a huge hit when it comes to bath time.

Romo The Smartphone Robot

You could hardly spit without hitting a smartphone robot at Toy Fair 2013, but Romo was one of our favorites.

Fisher Price Create and Learn iPad Case

I wonder if kids even know how good they have it.  In my day, we just drew on the back of a cereal box.

Fisher Price Little People Apptivity Barnyard

Fisher Price making a barnyard with your iPad? These are changing times I tell you!

Turbo The Movie Race Toys

Snails Represent!  Enough of all the cats, mice and dogs getting the glory in animated films, it’s about time Snails got their 15 minutes of fame.

Hot Wheels Carcade

What happens when you mix hot wheels cars, classic pinball and skee-ball?  You get Hot Wheels Car Cade and it looks pretty cool!

Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister

Is there really anything more fun than racing cars around a track and watching them crash?

Hot Wheels Spin Shotz

Proof that not all Hot Wheels are cars.  If you like Beyblade style spinning toys, you will love Spin Shotz

Hot Wheels Car Maker

Make your own Hot Wheels car in 7 minutes?  That is cool, but how about a toy that makes the kids clean their room in 7 minutes?

Barbie Digital Dress Doll

When did Barbie get so high tech?  Between this and the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror, Barbie is definitely showing she is a woman of the future.

Max Steel Toys

Max Steel has been a hit in Latin America for years, now he is coming to the US.  Of course, when a new superhero TV show launches in the USA, toys are going to follow!

Demolition Lab, Triple Blast Warehouse

There is really only one thing that kids love more than building, and that is wrecking!  Blast away a building while learning physics?  That is very cool!

We Will Let You Rest Your Eyes, But More Toy News To Come…

Stay tuned, we will shortly be releasing our “Best of Toy Fair 2013″ series of articles.  In addition, we will have our fun toy awards, such as “Best Use of a Toilet In A Toy”.  I am sure parents can not wait to hear the winner in that category!

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