You Should Get A ZombieBot, Before The ZombieBot Gets You!

ZombieBot by WowWee Toys (RoboZombie)

ZombieBot by WowWee Toys (RoboZombie)

If you are looking for a toy for a 7-13 year old boy you could go for anything in the four core boy toy categories-

  • A Blaster or Something That Shoots Anything
  • A Remote Control toy
  • Anything Robotic
  • Any Zombie Toy

Can’t pick between the four categories?  Just go with the new ZombieBot form WowWee and get the one toy that covers all four categories.  We discovered ZombieBot at Toy Fair 2013 and instantly loved the concept.  Let’s look at the ZombieBot in Action…

They Had Me At The Exploding Head

After spending countless hours walking the show floor at Toy Fair 2013, my ability to get excited by a toy was seriously diminished.  Still, when I saw the head explode on the ZombieBot, the little kid in me instantly flashed back to life.  The ZombieBot is a bit of a gimmick toy, but it is well done and should be a hit with kids who love RC toys, blasters and Zombies AKA all boys ages 7 -13!

Here is some more information from WowWee on the ZombieBot –

A renegade Zombie virus has infected the robot world, pitting robots against their former human masters. As one of the last remaining robot controllers, you must fight back against the infected zombie robot masses and retake control of the mechanical monstrosities!


Light up eyes and health indicator show what state your robot is in.

Use the included remote control to take control of your robot’s movements or battle against him when infected.

When defeated, ZombieBot’s head will burst off, indicating defeat.

Ages 6+, Available Fall 2013, Price TBA”

More Information:

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