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Young Coconuts

Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water

As we mentioned at the start of the week, we are are going Coconut Water Crazy at Dad Does!  All this week we will be reviewing coconut waters and at the end of the week we are doing the big Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test.  To start the week off, we went organic….

Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water

The first thing you notice when you grab a can of the Nature Factor Coconut Water is that it is certified Organic.  This is a big deal, because it was the only Organic Coconut Water we found at the entire Natural Products Expo.  If USDA certified Organic drinks are important to you and your family, Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water is one of your only choices.

What is In Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water?

Get ready for this, don’t blink you might miss it – here goes, the complete ingredient list –

Organic Young Coconut Water

Yep, how is that for truth in advertising?  The only ingredient in the can is the exact name of the product!

What is The Deal With Young Coconuts?

If you are looking to get coconut water, as opposed to coconut milk, you need to use young coconuts.   Young coconuts are picked when they are about 6-8 months old and still green.

Young Coconuts

Yeah, that image of a hairy brown coconut – get that out of your head – that would be an old coconut filled with coconut milk.

The coconut water inside young coconuts is fat free, low in calories and packed with potassium.  Mature coconuts have milk and a very different nutritional profile.

Just the Facts Please…The Nutritional Facts on Young Coconut Water

Nutritional Facts on Nature Factor Coconut Water

As you can see, one 10 ounce can of Nature Factor is packed with 690mg of Potassium – this is about 3 times as much as in traditional sports drinks.  It is for this reason that coconut water is marketed as Nature’s Sports Drink.

Fine, Fine, Fine – But How Does it Taste?

Here is what I don’t get… If Google can invent a self driving car, why can’t they invent something that let’s people taste things through their computer?  We really wish we had enough Coconut Water to send to every reader – it really is hard to describe. Coconut water has a unique taste, some would call it an acquired taste.  It starts like water, but then has a strong coconut kick at the end.

To help explain how Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water taste, we had a number of different people try it, here are some of their comments…

Experienced Coconut Water Drinkers:

– “It starts light, but has a heavy finish”

– “Strong aftertaste”

– “Refreshing, detectable taste, but not overpowering”

Non-Experienced Coconut Water Drinkers:

– “Like watered down lemonade”

– “Non detectable sweetness”

– “Mild taste, not over powering”

What The Kids Think About It:

– “Good, feels like water, but then taste like a coconut at the end.  Sort of like it – rate it 62% good.”

– “Strong aftertaste, but good aftertaste”

– “Yuck, do I have to drink this?”

– “A little sweet”

Summary of Taste Test on the Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water

Most of our tasters did like the Nature Factor Young Coconut Water. Experienced Coconut Water drinkers really enjoyed it and found it tasted very authentic.  Non-experienced drinkers were a little more mixed.  Often they found it strange at first, but the taste would then grow on them.  Kids were very hit and miss.  Some kids will simply not like any coconut water – it is just to weird for them.  We did have a few kids who sort of liked it, but it did not seem to be a hit with kids.

Two important points we all noticed in drinking Coconut Water – first, it is best served ice cold!  Warm coconut water is just not something that anyone enjoyed.  The second point is that coconut water taste best after you have exercised and are very thirsty.  Coconut water is not something you drink with a meal, it is more a stand alone drink you have after a good workout.

Conclusion on the Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water:

We really like the fact that the product is certified Organic.  In addition, the product is Kosher which is also great.  The 10 ounce cans are a little small, but do provide a great drink after a workout.  The taste is clean and refreshing – some people have an issue with a strong aftertaste.   Overall, we were impressed with the Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water and look forward to seeing how it fares in the Dad Does Blind Taste Test.

Update – The Dad Does Blind Coconut Water Taste Test Results Are In – Click to Read

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