Now We Play, Can You Shoot My Camera With That Marshmallow Mazooka?

Marshmallow Mazooka

Marshmallow Mazooka

Yesterday we launched our new Toy Fair 2013 inspired series –

Can You Shoot My Camera With That Thing?

The “thing” yesterday was the Zing Legends Longbow.  The critical acclaim that followed has been nothing short of amazing.  If 8 year old boys had voting rights for the Oscars, we would be shoe ins for Best Action Movie Involving An Arrow (yes, yes that is a category).  But why stop at arrows?  Perhaps we should try something more squishy, more a friend to chocolate and graham crackers, the one and only MARSHMALLOW!

Today we bring you our latest episode – Can You Shoot Out My Camera With That Marshmallow Mazooka? Let’s roll the footage…

Marshmallow Fun Company, The Perfectly Named Company

If they were giving away an award at Toy Fair for aptly named companies, Marshmallow Fun Company would win hands down!  What could not be fun about blasting Marshmallows?  As you saw in the video, they have some great new shooters, launchers and blasters this year.  The Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter gives you twice the shooting fun.  The Marshmallow  CL Blaster has awesome power.  Into the whole Hunger Games archery thing?  Go with the Marshmallow CL Crossbow, the Double Barrel Crossbow or the new Marshmallow CL Mini Bow.

Of course, our favorite is the entirely sick Marshmallow Mazooka you saw at the end of the video.  Battery operated, 100 foot range and an accurate site – get this blaster Dads and you will be like a God to an army of 8-18 year old boys!

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