Today At Toy Fair We Play, Can You Shoot My Camera With Your Longbow?

Zing Legends Longbow

Zing Legends Longbow

You can hardly take a step at Toy Fair without some type of flying projectile whizzing by your head.  Darts, arrows, RC planes, infants – all whisk by as we walk the show floor (note: the infant thing was unconfirmed, that may have been a Play-Doh sniffing induced hallucination).   Toys that blast off various projectiles are fine, but do they have the accuracy to take out a fleeing sibling at 50 feet?  Well, we did not have a sibling in our pocket, but we did have a GoPro camera, so….

Introducing, Can You Shoot My GoPro Camera With That Thing?

Sure, the woman of Zing looked impressive firing off arrows from the new Zing Legends Longbow (coming Spring 2013), but did they have the accuracy of a true archer?  It was time to launch, Can You Shoot My GoPro Camera With That Longbow…

Man, We Hope This Becomes a Regular Feature!

Really, is there anything better than watching a camera get hit with an arrow and smash to the ground…in super slow motion???   Congrats, Zing Legends Longbow – you win this time.  The Legends Longbow looked impressive and has an excellent feel to it.  Look for it to hit shelves in the Spring.  Here is the info –

“Kids can now defend the realm with the Legends™ Longbow, the ultimate soft-foam bow and arrow combo! With an all-new wood-like appearance, kids can be modern day marksmen and practice their archery skills indoors or outside. The soft-foam Zonic™ whistle-screaming arrows squeal through the air at distances of up to 125 feet, while the Zartz™ suction cup arrows stick to almost anything. Just hook the ammo into the safe-and-secure loading zone, line up the shot and let it fly! Packaging includes: 1 Legends Longbow™, 2 Long-Range Zonic Arrows and 1 Zartz Arrow.”

Siblings everywhere, come the spring, be scared, very, very scared.

More Information:

Visit Zing Toys To Learn More. Zing Legends Longbow, $29.99, Ages 8+, Spring 2013

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