The Coolest Tech From Toy Fair Is From Barbie??? Meet The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Toy Fair 2013

Toy Fair 2013

Quick update, we are at Toy Fair 2013. looking for all the fun new toys you will pretend to buy for your kid, but admit it, you’re the one who is going to play with them.   Going on 2 Pop-Tarts and limited sleep, so more complete and coherent updates coming soon.  Click to see our latest Toy Fair 2013 coverage.

When you think of Barbie, numerous phrases may pop into your head, but “cutting edge technology” is probably not one of them.  Well, that is going to have to change when the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is released in August.  I know, not the most exciting sounding product, but check out the video –

Finally an iPad Enhanced Toy That Doesn’t Suck

Is it just our lack of sleep and food – or is that amazingly cool?  It really looks like the woman has all that makeup on – and in the right places.  Love the fact that a friend can then step in the frame and the makeup instantly goes on her and matched up to the right places on the face.  We have seen so many iPad enhanced toys which make no sense, but this one looks like it could actually fly.

Wow, All The Makeup With None of The Mess

Think of it Moms and Dads, girls can try on endless makeup, with no mess.  Here is the full description from Mattel…

“Enjoy a fabulous, makeup-free makeover with the Barbie™ Makeover Mirror.  Transform an iPad® into a digital mirror by sliding it into the vanity frame. Girls can then look into the “mirror” and select options like eye shadow, lipstick, color, and glitter.  Use the included applicator to apply virtual makeup to the girl’s live image on the iPad® screen!  Facial tracking technology keeps the digital makeup in place as the girl moves, just like she’s really wearing it!  Girls can make a digital scrapbook of their favorite makeover looks.”

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror will be available in August 2013 and will have a retail price of $69.99

Now, back to playing with more toys…

Toy Fair 2013

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