We Are Coco For Coconut Water! Let The Coconut Water Reviews Commence

Coconut Water Taste Test

Coconut Water Taste Test

Thanksgiving is over – we all ate too much.  We spent the weekend saying “On Monday, I will start to eat healthy and exercise… for now, please pass the pumpkin pie”.  Well, Monday has arrived and Dad Does is here to help ease the pain.  Dads, Moms – we know eating and drinking healthy can be tricky, so we are going to ease our way into this.  Let’s do this Gilligan’s Island style… let’s go coconuts!

The Attack of the Coconut Water

In October we went to  the Natural Products Expo in Boston, in search of natural, healthy products to review for Dad Does.  There were hundreds of great products at the Expo, but one trend was very clear – the Natural Products world has gone crazy for Coconuts! Coconut water is not new, but the amount of coconut water products at the show was amazing.  It was clear we needed to learn more about this Coconut water craze.

Coconut Says To Banana – Suck It!

Ask 100 people to name a good natural source of potassium and 99 of them will say Banana (the one other person will just give you a blank stare).  Well, the coconut finally got pissed off about this and decided to start talking!  It turns out about 11 ounces of coconut water has more potassium than a banana.  In addition, coconut water is fat free and  filled with electrolytes.

Coconut Water – The Sports Drink That Grows In Palm Trees

Once the coconut was done taking on bananas, it decided to go after the big bully – sports drinks!  Coconut water, with its naturally high levels of potassium, magnesium and electrolytes is now being marketed as the ultimate hydration sports drink.

We Now Declare This Coconut Water Review Week!

Mark your calenders, keep the kids home from school and buy a Hallmark card – it is now Coconut Water Review Week at Dad Does! What is coconut water?  Are there really any health benefits from drinking coconut water? How does coconut water taste?  Is there a difference between all the brands of coconut water? Is this something the kids will like? Ah, excellent questions you ask – sounds like something we may have written – in any case, we will be answering all these questions this week.

A Taste of What We Will be Reviewing This Week

O.N.E. (One Natural Experience)

ONE makes a number of coconut waters that come in boxes.  O.N.E.  has their pure Coconut Water for Moms and Dads.  In addition, they make a line of  O.N.E. Kids – kids juice boxes made with coconut water and no added sugar.

UPDATE - The ONE Coconut Water Review Is Now Up, Click to Read

Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

Amy & Brian make 3 different coconut waters (or juices as they call them) – Coconut Juice, Coconut Juice with Pulp and Coconut Juice with Lime.

UPDATE - The Amy & Brian Coconut Water Review Is Now Up, Click to Read

Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water

Nature Factor is the only Certified Organic Coconut Water on the market.  Does it make a difference?  Is Young Coconut really better than old?  All will be answered in the review.

UPDATEThe Nature Factor Coconut Water Review Is Up, Click To Read

C2O Pure Coconut Water from Sunsweet Naturals

This pure Coconut Water come from the inland soils of Thailand.  Does this really make it taste any different?  Read our review to find out!

UPDATE - The C2O Coconut Water Review Is Now Up, Click To Read

The Big Coconut Water Taste Test to Finish the Week

Tasting is believing, so at the end of the week we will be doing some blind taste testing and picking our Dad Does Winner for Best Coconut Water.  We had a deal lined up with the Food Network to have this televised live in prime time, but then my kids woke me up from that awesome dream and now I have to take them to school.

UPDATEThe Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test Results Are In – Click to Read

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