Skylanders Swap Force Kicks Off Toy Fair 2013 New York City

Blast Buckler Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders Swap Force

You know how Black Friday sales seems to start about a week before Black Friday?  Well, the same is now happening with Toy Fair 2013 in New York City.  Toy Fair 2013 is set to start on Sunday February 10th, 2013 and we will be providing full coverage, but Activision said why wait for Sunday?  Yesterday we attended a press event where they launched Skylanders Swap Force.

Skylanders Swap Force, Welcome to The World of Swapability

Coming in Fall 2013 is an all new Skylanders adventure – SWAP FORCE.  In addition to the new video game comes all new Skylander characters with…Dynamic Swapability! Gamers will be able to reconfigure 16 SWAP Force inter-action figures into more than 250 unique characters by swapping the top and bottom halves of the toys.  Now, Portal Masters can mix and match characters’ powers and moves and experience an unprecedented level choice than ever before seen in a Skylanders game.

For example, you have Wash Buckler as a new character –

Wash Buckler

You also have Blast Zone

Blast Zone Skylanders Swap Force

That is all fine, but what if you want the cool blasting attacks of Blast Zone and the climbing ability of  Wash Buckler?  Is there anyway to have it all???  Of course there is with Swap Zone.  You simply pull off the top of Blast Zone and stick him on the bottom of Wash Buckler and you get…wait for it… BLAST BUCKLER

Blast Buckler Skylanders Swap Force

Blast Buckler will now have the attacking power of Blast Zone and the movement ability of Wash Buckler.  We played around with pre-release versions of the characters and they felt very solid.  Super easy to swap and snap tops and bottoms – magnets hold them together.

With Swap Force It Is Not All About Swapping

The swapping in Skylanders Swap Force is definitely cool, but thankfully there are other cool aspects of the Swap Force game.  Here are the highlights we got from the press event –

  • An All New Adventure

Portal Masters will embark on a brand new adventure, encountering never-before-seen enemies and challenges, as well as meeting memorable non-playable characters who can help the Skylanders defeat Kaos and his minions in the Cloudbreak Islands.

  • All Your Old Skylanders Will Work With Swap Force!

Parents you can breath a sigh of relief.  All those Spyro’s Adventures and Skylanders Giants you have all over the house will still work with Swap Force.

  • Enhanced Graphics

We saw a few demos at the press event and the Skylanders world looked fantastic.

  • Unique Swap Zones

Skylanders SWAP Force characters feature traversal abilities – such as flying, climbing, digging, bouncing, or teleporting – each of which can be explored in new areas of Skylands that are centered on these new play mechanics.  This looked very fun and really expanded the game play in Skylanders.

  • Jump For Joy, All Your Skylanders Can Jump Now!

Fans have wanted it for years and Activision has finally delivered – all Skylanders in Swap Force will have the ability to jump.  Yes, this includes all your old Skylanders that you bring into Swap Force.

  • In addition to Swappable Characters, More Skylanders

Of course the 16 new Swap Force characters are the big news for the Swap Force game, but there will be other characters as well.  Look for 16 new Core Skylanders characters, 8 LightCore™ Skylanders characters and 16 new versions of fan-favorite Skylanders from the previous games, each featuring an all new “Wow Pow” upgrade power.

Check Out The Videos We Shot From The Press Event Launching Skylanders Swap Force -

More Skylanders Swap Force Information Coming Soon

We have videos, photos and more from the press event, look for these to be uploaded soon.  Of course, also stay tuned for complete coverage of Toy Fair 2013!

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