Tasty Tuesday: Chobani Champions Dethroned By…Chobani Champions Tubes?

Chobani Champions Tubes

Tasty Tuesday

It’s back!  It’s been too long, but Tasty Tuesday has made a triumphant return.  Has it been so long that you forgot what Tasty Tuesday is?  Simply put, Tasty Tuesday is the day when we talk about some of the yummy stuff we have been digging at Dad Does.  Amazingly, Tasty Tuesday always falls on a Tuesday…good thing we didn’t call it Tasty Thursday, that would have been awkward.

This Tuesday, Tastiness Comes in a Tube

We are big fans of Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt.  On a previous Tasty Tuesday we talked all about how yummy and protein packed the Chobani Champions Greek yogurt was and declared it the king of the Greek Yogurt for kids.  The thing is, at some point, all Kings must fall.  What could be better than Chobani Champions?  Chobani Champions in a tube!

Chobani Champions Tubes

Chobani Champions Tubes finally bring grab-and-go Greek yogurt to the kids market.   Each tube provides 5 grams of protein and only 70 calories.  You can choose from Jammin’ Strawberry, Swirlin’ Strawberry Banana, Rockin’ Blueberry and Chillin’ Cherry.  The kids sucked these tubes down and gave them an immediate thumbs up. From a parent’s standpoint, I love the 5 grams of protein and the grab-and-go nature of these snacks.

What About The Grown Ups?  Chobani Bites Back With Chobani Bites

I personally have no problem walking around town sucking on a tube of yogurt….but I may be a little strange.  To help parents enjoy their own snacked sized Greek Yogurt, Chobani has just released the Chobani Bite.  Chobani Bites come in four very cool and yummy flavors – Fig with Orange Zest, Carmel with Pineapple, Coffee With Dark Chocolate Chips and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips.

Chobani Bite

We have been loving the Chobani Bites!  What is not to love?  You get real Chocolate Chips mixed into the yogurt – awesome.  You also get 8 grams of protein and here is the best part…only 100 calories.  Go ahead and make Your Own Tasty Day With Chobani Champions Tubes and Chobani Bite.  The kids will love the tubes and you will be digging the awesome flavor of the Chobani Bite.

Okay, all this talk of yogurt has gotten me hungry, time for a Chobani Bite Break!

Chobani Champions Tubes

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