Review: The Spare Kit, The Tire Changing Kit That Will Have You Hating Flat Tires Less

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The Spare Kit, Tire Changing Kit

You know what would suck?  Being reincarnated as a tire.  Forget that you would spend your life being pounded into pavement endlessly everyday, that is not even the worst part.  No, the real pain comes from the fact that you serve your driver well,  spending on average 2.5 hours a day being smashed into the ground, when one day it happens.  You are assaulted by a nail in the road, stabbed and flat, and does the driver come over and give you endless sympathy and thank you for your service?  Nope, he/she kicks and swears and now freaks out at having to take your deflated soul off the car.  And my friends, that is why being a tire sucks.

Can The Spare Kit Make Life For Drivers (and Tires) Easier and Better?

We recently received The Spare Kit to test out and review.  The Spare Kit is a complete kit that promises to make changing a flat tire as easy as possible.   We have said over and over at Dad Does we look for products that can make a parent’s life a little easier or better in some way.  As Moms and Dads we spend endless hours in the car so any product that could make changing a flat when you have a car full of hungry kids would definitely make our lives easier and better!  And for the poor tire that got flat, just think how much less we would hate it if changing it was easy.

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of The Spare Kit -

The Spare Kit, It Is All About Power and Preparation

When it comes to kits, there is always the question – couldn’t I just put one together myself?  Of course you could, but would you?  I could see putting together your own First Aid Kit for the car, that is just a matter of throwing some supplies in a shoe box.  Coming up with a full powered kit to easily change a flat tire, that would take a great deal more planning and research…something most parents would probably just as soon leave to the folks at The Spare Kit.

The Spare Kit is very well done – giving you everything you need, in one box.  Obviously the power tools – the impact wrench and the scissor jack are the big elements of the kit, but it includes all the smaller details as well.  You have things like gloves, a reflective safety triangle, a hub cap puller and even replacement fuses.

Here are all the elements that make up The Spare Kit:

  • Reflective Safety Triangle to warn oncoming motorists
  • Wheel Chocks for keeping your vehicle stationary
  • Pair of Protective Gloves to safeguard your hands
  • Hub Cap Puller for easy wheel-cover removal while eliminating damage to wheels or hub caps
  • Electric Scissor Jack to raise and lower the vehicle
  • Electric Impact Wrench for loosening and tightening lug nuts
  • Magnetic Light for night operations
  • Battery Clips in case the DC outlet is not working
  • Replacement Fuses

The Spare Kit Provides What Many Parents Want – Peace of Mind

The Spare Kit is sort of like having an anti-stress out insurance policy in your trunk.  Like all insurance, you hope you never have to use it, but if you do, you are happy to have it.  If the thought of getting a flat tire stresses you out, having The Spare Kit in your trunk will give you peace of mind.   There are two models of The Spare Kit, one for 2 ton cars and another for 3 ton cars.  The 2 ton model sells for $149 and the 3 ton model is $189.

If you have no problem manually jacking up a car and changing a flat, then spending $149 on The Spare Kit would not make much sense.  On the other hand, if the thought of changing a flat, with a car full of kids late for soccer practice, makes you break out in a cold sweat, $149 is not a bad price to buy your sanity back.  The Spare Kit is well made, easy to operate, has clear instructions and definitely makes it easier to change a tire.  Oh, and if you do get a flat, show that poor wounded tire some love…you never know what you might come back as in your next life :)

More Information:

Visit The Spare Kit to learn more and watch videos of The Spare Kit in action.  Kits start at $149

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