The Great Brother P-Touch Labeler Experiment, Can We Move From Chaos to Calm

Dad Does Organization

Dad Does Organization

At the start of January we reported on how we were trying to get organized in 2013.  The paper stacks had gotten too high, the unmarked boxes were threatening to take over the house.  It was clear we needed help, so we called in the big guns…The Brother P-Touch PT-D200 Labeler.  As a quick refresher, here is the initial video review we did of the Brother P-Touch –

Nearly A Month Later, How Are We Doing?

A mere month ago we were labeling rookies, but now the entire family is labeling like rock stars!  The Brother P-Touch continues to provide a fun and easy way to create some order from our chaos.   We now try to label anything that gets put away.  We are making our way through all the unmarked boxes and making sure every box gets a label.

Where In The World Did We Put the Card Games?

As a parent, is there anything more frustrating than buying endless card games for the kids, and then not being able to find them when the kids want to play a game?  We recently were searching for a card game and knew that it was “in a box” but guess what?  All those shoe boxes start to look a like after a while.  In addition, my X-Ray vision has been on the blink, so trying to figure out what is in all those boxes is a challenge.

After much searching, we finally did find the card games…in a shoe box of course, but that shoe box now looks like this…

Card Games

Who Knew Kids Would Love Organizing Boxes?

I can not over state this enough, what the Brother P-Touch brought to our organizational efforts was fun! The kids love making labels.  If I told them to go get a pen and write “card games” on that box, I would have got moans and groans.  Ask them to print up a label and it is like you are giving them candy.  The Brother P-Touch has helped get the kids on board in terms of organizing and that is a tremendous help.

Brother P-Touch

Tips On Getting Organized

I am clearly no organizational expert, but I do know some things that helped us over the past month…

Make a Plan With Realistic Goals

Look, nobody goes from slob to neat freak overnight.  Set reasonable goals when you start out and don’t bite off more than you can chew.  You really don’t want to fail in your first effort to get organized.  Start by having a goal of sorting and organizing the mail that comes in each day.  Once you succeed in that, expand your goals little by little.

Make Getting Organized A Game

Do you look forward to doing chores?  Of course not.  Do you look forward to playing games?  Sure.  Make getting organized a game.  First to sort the stack of mail into correct piles win.  First one to label a closet full of boxes is the champ.  Designer of the best looking label at the end of the day  wins a cookie!  You get the idea,  bring gamification into organization

Get The Whole Team On Board

Simply put, you can’t have 40% of the house organizing stuff and 60% making a mess.  Lay down the ground rules – everyone helps in organizing.  Let the kids know the benefits of being organized – they will actually be able to find all their toys and games!

Have The Right Tools For the Job

For our family, the Brother P-Touch was a great tool to make organizing fun and easy.  If you want to do a job right, you need the right tools.  Sure, you can get organized without a labeler, but we just found this tool made it much easier for us.

Are We Now The Most Organized House In the World?

Absolutely not!  We have made huge strides in the last month, but it still takes effort and planning to get things organized and we have a ways to go.  The key for us is not letting piles stack up, we try to tackle the mess as we make it now.  Moving forward, the Brother P-Touch will be an excellent tool to help us stay organized.  It is simple to use, portable and the kids love it.

We all look around the house now and think “Can we label that?”  All I have to say is the cat better sleep with one eye open.  It is only a matter of time before we get a label on him.

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Learn more about the Brother PT-D200 at the Brother website

The Brother PT-D200 Sells for about $24.99 on Amazon.Com

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