Review: Air Hogs Gyroblade RC Helicopter, The Perfect Warm Up For Toy Fair 2013

Air Hogs Gyroblade

Air Hogs Gyroblade

Quick, you are trapped on a desert island, which is most important for your survival:

A. Food

B. Water

If you answered “C” – Remote Control Toys, you are correct!  Food or water, eh, I could take it or leave it – but RC toys that fly, drive and crash…this is the stuff that keeps us going.

While January tends to be a very slow month for new toy releases, Air Hogs has thrown us RC junkies a bone by releasing the Air Hogs Gyroblade RC Helicopter.   With Toy Fair 2013 just a few weeks away, reviewing the Air Hogs Gyroblade seemed like the perfect way to get out RC toy muscles in shape!

The Air Hogs Gyroblade is Small, Fast, Responsive and Coated in Metal

At first glance, the Gyroblade looks very similar to all the other RC helicopters you probably have scattered around your house.  Look a little closer and you find out that the Gyro Blade has some unique and interesting features.

Let’s Look At Our Video Review of the Air Hogs Gyroblade Helicopter -

The Gyroblade Shows What You Can Do With Just One Top Propeller

As the video shows, the Gyroblade uses a different method of moving left and right – the actual shaft of the top propeller moves.  This creates a much tighter sense of control and the ability to move left, right, forwards and back – all at high speeds.   It does take some getting used to the controls, but the built in Gyro stability does an excellent job of keeping the helicopter very steady.

Here are the key features of the Air Hogs Gyroblade -

  • 3 Channel R/C Control
  • Gyroscopic Stabilization Keeps the Gyroblade Stable During Flight
  • Metal Reinforced Body Protects Against Damage During Emergency Landings
  • 6 Directional Control
  • Precise Maneuverability
  • Requires 6 AA Batteries – not included
  • 7-9 Minutes of Fly Time, 30-40 minutes to recharge

Conclusion:  The Air Hogs Gyroblade Lets Kids Take Flying To The Next Level

There are two worlds when it comes to RC toys.  You have the RC hobbyist – they take their RC toys very seriously and spend a good deal of money on toys that offer incredible levels of control.  “Normal” kids would have a hard time learning how to fly some of the high end hobbyist helicopters, but once you learn how, you have an incredible level of control.

The other world of RC toys is the consumer world.  This is where Air Hogs play, making RC toys that are easy enough for kids to learn how to fly in a short period of time.  The tradeoff is that you don’t normally get the speed, control and maneuverability of a hobby level RC toy.  The Air Hogs Gyroblade raises the bar for consumer level RC toys and pushes ever closer to the hobby level experience.  We still think the Air Hogs Heli Replay is the easiest RC helicopter to fly, but if your kids are looking to advance up to something with more speed and control, and have the patience for a little practice, the Air Hogs Gyroblade is an excellent choice.

More Information:

Air Hogs Gyroblade Sells or $39.95  Ages 8+

Purchase the Air Hogs Gyroblade at Toys R Us

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