Product Review: KidStrong Hydration Drink – The Drink of Little Champions?

KidStrong Hydration Drink

KidStrong Hydration Drink

Dads, how many times have you looked at your kids and thought something was wrong?  Moms, we know you love the little ones, but don’t they look a little dehydrated to you?  Really, what parent has not looked at their children and said “Wow, looks like you could use some more Proactive Hydration”?

KIDStrong, Healthy Hydration Drink for Kids to the Rescue!

After touring the Natural Products Expo we have been on a health kick at Dad Does.  So, we were very excited when the folks at KidStrong said they wanted us to review their all natural, vitamin enriched hydration drink for kids.   As our regular readers know (if you are not a regular – Join Us!) , we have a state of the art testing facility for all types of products, so objectively reviewing products is no problem for us.

KIDStrong Enters the DadDoes.Com Testing Lab…But Does It Come Out???

Please watch this scientific and informative video on how we tested KIDStrong –

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What Do We Really Think About KIDStrong?

We had some fun in the video, but all the kids (and adults) who tried the KidStrong really did love the taste.  It comes in Clearly Grape, Clearly Fruit Punch and Clearly Orange – and you guessed it – they are all clear!  It really is a light taste, not strong or overly sweet and no aftertaste.

Enough About the Taste – What About the Nutritionals of KidStrong?

The first thing Moms and Dads will like about KidStrong is what it does NOT have – No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.  In addition, NO high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

What KidStrong  does have  is an All Natural  blend of 22 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Like most hydration drinks, it also has a strong electrolyte profile with potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.  It also contains a low glycemic blend of natural sugars (7g carbs and 3g of sugar per serving).

What Does Any of That Really Mean?

Good question.  We are not really qualified enough to know if the blend of ingredients is exactly what active kids need, but it sounds like the developer of KIDStrong is! Dr. George Murphy, PhD, is the lead scientist behind KIDStrong.  Dr. Murphy is a molecular biologists and was recently named The American Cancer Society’s “Young Scientist of the Year” for 2010. He serves as a Fellow in molecular medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA, where he designs and implements gene therapy strategies and stem cell protocols for cancer, heart disease, and immunological disorders.

KidStrong – A Whole Lot Better Than The Alternatives

The majority of drinks for kids are loaded with sugar and have no nutritional benefits – “empty calories”.  There is no question that KidStrong is better than the heavy sugar soft drinks and fruit juices.  In terms of comparing KIDStrong to something like Gatorade – KIDStrong also comes out on top.  KIDStrong is all natural, lower in sugar and contains the vitamins and minerals that growing kids need.  In addition, KIDStrong uses Proactive Hydration.

What is Proactive Hydration?

Proactive Hydration is a cool trademarked terms the folks at KIDStrong came up with!  The idea is this – most energy drinks look to replace fluids and nutrients you may lose during sports and exercise.  Proactive Hydration means that KidStrong is formulated to both replace and retain fluids and nutrients.

Our  Proactive Hydration testing machine was in the shop, so we are not able to test this claim.

KIDStrong’s Biggest Competition? Water!

It is clear that a drink that is all natural and low in sugar is a much better choice for our kids than high sugar, artificial drinks.  Perhaps the biggest challenge to KIDStrong is good old-fashioned water.   Water is all natural, inexpensive and great for active kids.  It does seem like the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the KIDStrong have plenty of advantages, especially for very active kids.

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Conclusion on KIDStrong Hydration Drinks:

The Kids Really Did Love KIDStrong! As a Dad I was happy to see them drink something All Natural with a nice blend of vitamins and minerals.   The sugar in the drink is not excessive and it is low glycemic which is important for kids.  Does the whole Proactive Hydration thing work?  I don’t know – but it seems like a reasonable idea.  I would recommend the KIDStrong to anyone who has active kids!

KIDStrong Hydration Drinks Get 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received some KIDStrong drinks to do this review and a few to giveaway. We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review.   We do not make any money if you decide to buy KidStrong.   If after reading this review your kids drink KIDStrong and then in 10 years become Olympic stars, please send us a big bag of money. This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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