TrakDot Proves That #2013CES Is Not All About Insane Gadgets That No One Will Ever Buy

TrakDot Luggage

TrakDot Luggage

As we prepare to cover the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we have a decent amount of trepidation.  Every year we go trying to find real gadgets that can help make a Mom or Dad’s life a little easier or better in some way.  Seems like a simple goal, but the amount of “bling, bow, wow gadgets” – huge, ridiculous show-off TVs that no-one will ever buy, creates endless distractions to our parent focused quest.  Yet, we continue on, in search of the useful for parents and sometimes it pays off with gadgets like the Trakdot Luggage.

The Trakdot Answers One of The Mysteries of The World

There are two universal questions that we all wonder.  First, if Cap’n Crunch takes off his hat, do his eyebrows go with it?  Second, what happens to our luggage once we check it at the airport.  The first question is still being debated by philosophers, but the second question can now be answered with the TrakDot

“Air travelers concerned about their valuables now have a simple, affordable luggage tracking solution from Trakdot™.  The Trakdot Luggage tracker fits into a checked bag and reports city location in real time to any mobile, Apple, Android, or SMS capable devices.  For the first time, Trakdot Luggage gives airline passengers unprecedented control at a wallet-friendly price, allowing them to keep track of checked-in luggage anywhere mobile phones work.

Trakdot Luggage is built for travel convenience, with a palm-sized tracker that is ultra-light and fits easily into any size bag.  The luggage locator system delivers city-specific information on the whereabouts of checked baggage in real time.  Even if the Trakdot protected bag does not reach the desired destination, passengers will still have the reassurance of knowing which city their luggage is in.”

Technically it is pretty impressive how Trakdot pulls off its magic. The slim device does not use GPS – that would drain the batteries very quickly, instead it uses GSM.  By using a quad-band GSM chip and triangulation, the TrakDot Luggage can last up to two weeks on a fresh pair of AA batteries,  hopefully that is enough time fot the airline to find your bag!

What about the FAA?  According to the company, they have FAA approval to have the TrakDot on the plane… which sounds much better than snakes on the plane.

Trakdot Raises New Philosophical Questions

So, the family is heading to Orlando for a vacation, when you land you use the Trakdot app to discover your bags are vacationing in Chicago (maybe they are scared of Micky).  Are your bags lost?  You certainly don’t have your bags, but you know exactly where they are…so can you call that lost luggage?  This is a deep philosophical question that we will leave to the great thinkers pondering the Cap’n Crunch question.

Look For TrakDot In Time For Your Summer Vacation

The TrakDot Luggage will be available March 2013 for $49.95 MSRP with an activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99.  If your family does a lot of traveling, does not seem like a bad price to buy some peace of mind.  Yes, the airline may still lose your luggage, but at least you can tell them where to find it.

Stay tuned, much more CES 2013 Coverage Coming Your Way…

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