La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR Recliner, The Product I Was Born To Review

La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR

La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR

As our regular readers know, we are all about doing hands-on product reviews.  Well, I am pleased to announce we have stepped up our game for 2013.  Forget just doing hands-on testing, over the last few weeks we have been doing arms-on, legs-on, back-on and yes, even butt-on testing!  For you, our beloved readers, we have been slaving aways for weeks testing out the La-Z-Boy PowerReclineXR Recliner.

I’m Not Watching Football, I’m Testing Out The La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR Recliner!

I may not have many skills, but I am a Zen Master at sitting down and watching TV.  Given my limited skill set, it can be a challenge finding jobs, but testing out the Lazy Boy Power Recline XR, that was something right up my alley.  As a dedicated journalist, I devoted many hours over the last few weeks watching football…while sitting in the Power Recline XR.

Please watch our quick video review of the La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR -

The La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR Is Not Your Father’s Recliner

I will be honest, until doing this review, when I thought about Lazy Boy recliners I thought of my Father and Grandfather.  Lazy Boys were those big old chairs that guys would sit in and talk about the “good old times”.  Well, the Power Recline XR is not your Father’s Lazy Boy and it will change your view of La-Z-Boy recliners.

As the video shows, the big advancement with the Power Recline XR is the electric power and the remote.  You can independently adjust the back and the leg rest, giving you a tremendous amount of possible positions to relax in.  In addition, the chair feels very well made but still incredibly soft and comfortable.

You Know a Recliner is Cool When It Has Its Own Specs

Here are some highlights of the features and specs on the La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR –

  • Independently operating back and leg rest. With two dedicated motors, one motor controls the chair back, the other controls the leg rest.
  • Adjustable seat tilt. The patented La-Z-Boy mechanism adjusts the tilt of the chair base for comfort and support in all positions.
  • Easy-to-use remote. Hand-held remote allows for control of the back recline and leg rest elevation in incremental levels for the most reclining positions.
  • Smooth Rocking Motion. Lean back and relax with a smooth rocking motion – a feature that is appreciated on genuine La-Z-Boyrecliners.
  • Legrest Safety Feature. Designed with safety in mind, the PowerReclineXRTM leg rest will not close when encountering an object in its path.
  • Battery Backup. To protect against power failures, a battery back-up returns the chair to the upright position in the event of a power outage.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Guys, This is The Way To Watch Football

The football playoffs are here and the only thing more important than having a nice big screen TV to see all the action is having a super comfortable chair to soak up the fun!  After much more testing than my wife really thought was necessary, I am here to tell you that the La-Z-Boy Power Recline XR is that chair! The addition of the remote is much more than just a gimmick, it provides an easy way to independently adjust the back and leg rest to your perfect comfort level.   No more pulling a metal lever and getting just one locked position, with the Power Recline XR you can make the chair fit your unique body.

Head on over to the La-Z-Boy website where you can see the huge selection of colors and styles available for the Power Recline XR.  Prices vary based on style and configuration, so you will have to do some digging to figure out the exact price for your recliner.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to doing some more testing on the La-Z-Boy PowerReclineXR – I want to see how it works while watching the NFL playoffs.

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