Tired of Dropping Your iPhone While Space Walking At 100,000 Feet? G-Form Has You Covered

iPhone Drop

iPhone Drop

We’ve all been there.   You strap a couple of balloons to the family and you all head up for some family time in the upper atmosphere.   Dollars to donuts, right when you hit about 100,000 feet the kids start horsing around, bump into you right as you’re about to complete Angry Birds and you drop your iPhone.

I mean if it happened once or twice, you would believe it was just an accident, but doesn’t it seem like every single time you get to 100,000 feet someone is knocking your iPhone out of your hand??? If I had a nickel for every time I dropped my phone from 100,000 feet, perhaps I could buy the new G-Form XTREME case.

CES 2013, All About Solving The Problems We Never Had

We are preparing to cover the International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas next week.  What is involved in preparing for CES?  Simple, we spend every waking moment going through endless email media pitches.  We scan these emails, looking for products that solve problems that parents have.  So, when we got a pitch from G-Form about how they dropped an iPhone in a XTREME case from 100,000 feet…and it survived the fall, we said, “Wow, that is the coolest solution to a problem that no one has!

Join The Debate, Is The 100,000 Foot G-Form XTREME Drop Legit?

Here is the video that G-Form put out about their 100,000 foot drop test –

If you read over the comments, there seems to be great debate on what actually happened.   Was it an iPhone or iPod?  Where is the video of the crash? What about terminal velocity and the fact that a 2,600 foot fall would have produced the same impact?

We need to know the truth on what happened because I am tired of dropping my phone from 100,000 feet and having it break.  Seriously, as a parent, we are all for iPhone cases that provide extreme protection, since our kids know all about going to extremes!  Clearly the whole 100,000 feet thing is a publicity stunt, but it does illustrate that G-Form makes some strong iPhone cases.  It also shows that when you make a video of an iPhone drop, you shouldn’t switch it out for an iPod without explanation :)

Prepare, Intense CES2013 Coverage Is Coming Next Week

There is so much media coverage of CES, at this point they should just list who will not be covering it.  Yes, it seems like everyone is providing CES coverage, but we will be approaching things from a slightly different angle.  We will fly by the countless 150″ 3D 4K Flat Screen TVs that will never come to market and instead focus on finding products that solve problems that parents have.

We are looking for any gadget or technology that makes the crazy, hectic life of a Dad or Mom a little less crazy and  hectic!  We also don’t want any gadgets that require endless firmware updates and require our constant attention – that is what our kids are for.  The Holy Grail Gadget for us?  Something that would make our lives easier, more relaxed and give us some fun!

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