Christmas is Over, Let The After Christmas App Frenzy Begin!

Kindertown App Frenzy

Kindertown App Frenzy

Christmas is over…or is it???  Sure, technically speaking, Christmas 2012 is now history, the gifts have been given and the day is done.  Maybe you were lucky enough to get a shiny new iPad or Android tablet.  You probably got to play with it for about 30 seconds before the kids grabbed it away and started chanting the mantra that will be repeated hundreds of times over the next few days…”Can I install a new app?

KinderTown Keeps The Giving Spirit of Christmas Alive

We’ve joined KinderTown, a fantastic resource for finding the best educational apps for kids, to host a new annual event we’re calling the After Christmas App Frenzy.

The days after Christmas are the biggest days of the year for app downloads as the millions of people who unwrapped new iPads and iPhones rush to the App Store to load their devices with useful and entertaining apps. Oftentimes, old devices get handed down to the little ones, creating huge demand for kids apps as well.

The trick for any parent is figuring out how to turn all of this new screen time in to playful learning time. With so many apps in the App Store, it’s hard to figure out which are truly educational and worth the money. That’s why we’ve created the App Frenzy.

The After Christmas App Frenzy will feature deals and promotions from only the highest quality educational apps. Every app has been reviewed by KinderTown and its team of early childhood educators and parents, and approved as both fun and educational.

Here’s How to Get In on the App Deals…


The giveaways have already started! Enter today for a chance to be one of a few lucky parents to win a pre-release version of the latest Motion Math app for ages 8 and up. Find the giveaway here.

The big party starts on December 29th and runs for 12 hours! Between 9am and 9pm (EST) KinderTown will be sharing codes, giveaways and highlighting discounted apps to help you load up your kids iPad or iPhone with educational apps.

To join in the app frenzy, stop by their education blog every hour, on the hour, where they are highlighting all the deals. From the blog, KinderTown will point you to various code drop sites like their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. You’ll also find some codes right here in this post throughout the event.

Put It On The Calendar, 12/29/12 and Start Your Finger Stretching Now

If you are reading this before 12/29/12 you are in good shape!  On 12/29 the App Frenzy starts at 9am EST and runs for 12 hours.  You will want to be quick, as many of the codes for free apps will be first come first serve.   Start those finger stretches now and get ready to win some cool and educational apps for the kids.


KinderTown transforms mobile devices into powerful teaching tools by finding and organizing the best educational apps for kids ages 3-8 years old. Our mission is to improve early childhood education by empowering busy parents with the tools to be better teachers. Download their free app for your iPad or iPhone here.

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