Micro Drone Quadrocopter Review, Extreme Fliers Shrinks The RC Quadcopter, In Size and Price

RC Micro Drone Quadrocopter

RC Micro Drone Quadrocopter

As Dads, we are clear fans of all things remote controlled.  We have reviewed countless RC Helicopters, but as we move toward 2013 things are changing.  It looks like having  just one or two rotors on your flying machine is just not going to be enough.  The new, new fun is Quadrocopters (or Quadcopters) – machines with 4 rotors.

The $300 Parrot AR Drone made Quadrocopters famous a few years back, but that high price tag has kept quadrocopters out of the hands of most sane people (note, I own a AR Drone, further proof I am far from sane).  Now Extreme Fliers has released the Micro Drone Quadrocopter.  The Micro Drone gets a quadrocopter into the hands of “regular” people, literally because it is palm sized and figuratively because it sells for about $110 USD.

Does 4 Rotors Really Equal More Fun?

No question that a 4 rotor quadrocopter like the RC Micro Drone looks cool, but the real question is, is the Micro Drone more fun to play with?  To find this out, we did some test flights with the RC Micro Drone, both indoors and outdoors.

Let’s look at out video review of the Extreme Fliers Micro Drone Quadrocopter…

The Micro Drone May Be Palm Sized, But It Can Really Move

As the video review shows, we had a ton of fun with the Extreme Fliers Micro Drone.  Don’t let the small size of the Micro Drone fool you, this quadrocopter really flies.  In fact, it is best to play with the Micro Drone in a wide open space so you can see the speed of this quadrocopter.  The Micro Drone goes forward, backward and left and right with more speed than most RC helicopters.

Of course the real fun with the Micro Drone comes when you do stunts.  With the push of a button you can do a full 360 flip.  The great part is that this requires no skill by the pilot!  Press the “Function” button and the Micro Drone will do the flip and then automatically stabilize.  If you are an ace pilot and want more control, you can switch over to “stunt” mode and do your own flips and rolls.  It is the stunt capabilities of the Micro Drone which increase the play value over a standard RC helicopter.

All The Juicy Specs on the R/C Micro Drone

How does the Micro Drone pull off all its fast flying, flipping fun?  Here are the full specs on the Micro Drone –

  • 4 Channel Quad-Rotor design
  • Gyrostability For Easy Flying
  • Pre-programmed algorithm to perform 360 degree flips with the push of a button
  • Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V Li-Po
  • USB Charging Port
  • Transmitter 2.4GHZ, 4 Channel
  • Range: up to 120M
  • Flight time 6-8 minutes
  • Recharge Time: 60 minutes
  • Micro Drone weight: 34G
  • Comes with replacement blades

Tons of Fun…For 6-8 Minutes

The Micro Drone is a great quadrocopter that suffers from just one major flaw…and it is the flaw that every single RC helicopter or quadcopter that we have reviewed suffers from – short flight time.  You get about 6-8 minutes of high flying, flipping fun…then you need to recharge the battery for 60 minutes.  Again, this is not a problem specific to the Micro Drone, this is true with all RC flying toys.

Until battery technology advances, the short flight time will continue to be a problem with all flying RC toys.  The Micro Drone is absolutely no worse than any other RC flying toy, 6-8 minutes is pretty standard.   One option is to pick up additional batteries and just swap them out.

Conclusion:  The Micro Drone Shrinks The Quadrocopter…But Not The Fun

The Extreme Fliers RC Micro Drone is much smaller than more expensive R/C Quadrocopters, but it still packs a big payload of fun. Thanks to the Gyrostabilization, the Micro Drone is relatively easy to fly (but you do want lots of open space) and of course being able to do stunts and 360 flips is a blast.  If the kids like RC helicopters, but are looking for something with a little more play value, the fast flying, easy flipping, Micro Drone is an excellent choice.

More Information:

The Micro Drone from Extreme Fliers is for Ages 14+ and Retails For Around $110 USD.

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