Dads – Take Out The Garbage and Change a Diaper – It Can Save Your Marriage

Dad Taking Out Garbage...and Saving Marriage

Dad Taking Out Garbage...and Saving Marriage

What exactly do Dads do?  After all, this site is called Dad Does, so that pretty much makes us the experts on what Dads Do.  You can imagine our surprise when a little  Mom and Pop organization called Newsweek tried to steal our thunder by writing a whole long article about what Men and Dads Do .  Anyway, we decided to dig a little deeper and see if we could find out more about what Dad Does and how it effects the family.

News Flash – Dad Takes Our Garbage, Changes Diaper and Saves Marriage

The London School of Economics and Political Science has released new research – Men’s Unpaid Work and Divorce: Reassessing Specialisation and Trade – and despite the boring name, it has some interesting information for us Dads.

“It explodes the theory that marriages are most stable when men focus on paid work and women are responsible for housework, showing instead that fathers’ contribution to housework and childcare stabilises marriage, regardless of mothers’ employment status.”

So, when your wife asks you to help around the house, she is just trying to save the marriage.

Good News for Moms and Dads

The great thing about this study is it has good news for both stressed out Moms and Dads.  Dr Sigle-Rushton, senior lecturer in social policy at LSE and research associate at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion, said: “Economists have spent a good deal of time examining and trying to explain the positive association between female employment and divorce. However, in doing so, they have paid very little attention to the behaviour of men. This research addresses that oversight and suggests that fathers’ contribution to unpaid work at home stablises marriage regardless of mothers’ employment status.”

So, Mom’s who have been told that their working is putting stress on the marriage can now say – NOT TRUE!

For us Dads, who have been told we need to work harder, make more, provide for our family – at all costs – we can also say NO WAY! Sure, we need to make some money, but the study shows that lack of money is not what is going to do the family in – it is Dads who don’t participate in the home life.

So Dads, we now have the study to back us up – let’s Do things!  Do cooking, Do cleaning, Do playing, Do shopping, Do soccer… it might just save your marriage!

Read the full study – Men’s Unpaid Work and Divorce: Reassessing Specialisation and Trade

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