Dads, If You Love The Family You Will Spend Over $433 On Holiday Gifts For Them

Holiday 2012

Holiday 2012

Life can be so complicated.  We all struggle trying to figure out the proper work – family balance.  As Dads, we want to give our kids great things…but we also don’t want to raise spoil brats.  Now the holidays come along, how much do we get for the kids?  How much do we spend on our wives?  We love the family, but money doesn’t grow on trees…well technically it does, but let’s not split hairs here.  What is the right amount to spend on the family this holiday season?


There you go, that was simple – just spend $433 on the family this year and you will show them they are no average family.  In fact, they are above average.  Need more help?  Okay, if you want to show your friends they are above average, drop $125 bucks on them.  Co-workers?  $87 is all you need to drop to show you are no average gift giver.

No, This Didn’t Come To Us in An Eggnog  Induced Hallucination

We know all these numbers to be absolutely true because we read them in a Walmart Infographic and you can take an Infographic to the bank.  Sure, the bank teller will start pressing a button under her desk and asking you to step slowly away, but you get the point, Infographics always speak the gospel truth.  Here it is –

Walmart Infographic

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If the average man spends $432 on his family, you need to be at least better than average and spend $433.  You don’t want the family to think they are below average do you?

But What Do You Buy The Kids?

As the Infographic shows – kids want anything electronic, preferably starting with the letter “i”.  48% want an iPad, 36% want an iPod Touch.  Don’t want to go the whole Apple route?  You can’t go wrong with video games.  39% want the new Nintendo Wii U with 31% hoping for the Kinect for Xbox 360.  You may not like the idea of getting kids all these electronic devices, but at least you could understand why kids want them.  What our wives want, that gets a little bit more tricky…

Bad News Dads, Your Wife Thinks You Are A Terrible Gift Buyer

Guys,  I am not going to sugar coat things, our wives think we are terrible gift buyers.  60% of Spouses want a gift card? What?  That’s flat out insulting to us Dads.  The vacuum we bought you last year wasn’t good enough?  How does a gift card for your spouse even work?  You have a joint bank account, giving her a $50 gift card is just like  saying, “Here you go honey, I put no thought into holiday shopping for you, but I do give you permission to spend $50 of our joint money on yourself“- that is insulting to her.   Guys, here we need to buck the trend and get her something nice!

Now That You Have The Numbers Dads, Get Shopping!

Still have not spent the full $433 on your family?  If you are reading this before 12/25, you have some time left.  Get out there, open up your wallet and show how above average your family is.  If you really get stuck, simply send us $433 and we will send you T-Shirts for the whole family that say “Dad Says I’m Better Then Average.  Happy Holidays!

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