Awesome Stocking Stuffers to Make Christmas 2012 Even More Fun

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

While the presents under the tree on Christmas morning get all the publicity, those stockings stuffed with cool gizmos, gadgets and doodads are pretty awesome in their own right.  Tiny trinkets you didn’t know you needed, but now can’t live without.

With that in mind, we have decided to turn the spotlight on Stocking Stuffers and offer up a wide selection of Doodads for the parents and the kids…

The Dad Does Awesome Stocking Stuffer Guide

Ridez Xtreme Customz Cars

Price: About $10


Kids love cars and they love building – so let them build their own car.  The RIDEZ XTREME CUSTOMZ cars starter kits come with everything kids need to build a rad RIDE.  Each kit comes with a RIDE body (about the size of a cell phone, 1:48 scale) and 4-mode adjustable chassis plus:4-piece set of reversible rims, 4-piece set of tires, Spoiler, 2-piece set of sidepipes and an exclusive accessory.  Kids more into super heroes than the Dodge Viper we show above?  They also make Spider-Man and Batman cars.  At $10, the Xtreme Customz cars are a great stocking stuffer for any kid who loves cars.    Learn More about Ridez Xtreme Customz Cars.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Price: About $13

Thinking Putty

What could be better than a non-gooey and non-toxic putty that can bounce, stretch, tear and snap, and never dries out?  How about one that comes in holiday colors and is heat sensitive, so it gets even more cool as it gets warm…if that makes sense?  Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is great for kids and adults, there is something irresistible about pulling, pushing and stretching putty!  More Information on Thinking Putty.


Price: About $5


While we are on the subject of squishing things, let’s talk about Mashems.  Mashems are the perfectly named toy – they are little characters that you mash, squish and fling!  Got an Angry Birds fan in the house – Mashems has you covered.    More into Super Heroes? They make a whole Marvel Mashems line.  Who doesn’t love something squishy in their stocking?  More information on Mashems.


Price: About $4

Tape is not just for wrapping any more!  Now with Tapeffiti from Fashion Angels tape becomes a fashion statement for tweens!  For only $4 you get 6 very cute little rolls of tape that have different designs on them.  Use Tapeffiti to make a craft project, make a tape bracelet or just bring some fun and character to anything you stick Tapeffiti to.  With lots of different designs to choose from, pick your favorites and throw some Tapeffiti into the stockings this year.  Learn more about Tapeffiti.


Price: About $19

ISGLOVES, Gloves for your Touchscreen phone

Gloves are always a popular stocking stuffer, but the ISGloves are not your ordinary gloves.  The ISGloves are made with conductive material so you can use all your touchscreen devices with ease and warmth.  As a bonus, the gloves are made with bamboo, so if a Panda attacks you, just give him your ISGloves and he should be happy.  More Information about the ISGloves.

Shredz Snowboarding Action Figures

Price: About $10

Shredz Snowboarder Action Figure

Kids want a snowboard, but you don’t think they are ready to risk life and limb screaming down a mountain?  Just toss a Shredz Snowboarding Action Figure in the stocking and problem solved.  These action figures actually come with snowboards and can really shred down a trail you make them in the snow.  The kids get a “snowboard”, without risking bodily harm – life is good.  Check out our full review of Shredz and then visit COOP to learn more.

Then There Are Always The Fall Backs…

When all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with gift cards, candy and treats as Stocking Stuffers.   Get cracking and make this Christmas the year of the Awesome Stocking Stuffers!

Happy Holidays!

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