Review: Fibber Board Game, Finally A Game That Teaches Kids to Lie


Fibber Board Game by Spin Master

There are plenty of games that teach our kids skills like reading, math and logic – but what about the real skills they need in life?  Some day our kids will grow up and have kids of their own.  When their kids make them the world’s most disgusting breakfast in bed, they will have to take a bite, and while smiling manage to say “This is the most delicious eggs and peanut butter I have ever had!”  Let me tell you, those reading, math and logic skills are going to be useless then!

Fear not parents, the Fibber Board Game by Spin Master is here to teach our kids the most important life skill of all – how to lie with a poker face.   It also happens to teach the second most important life skill – how to tell when someone is lying to you.

No, Fibber Will Not Turn Your Kids Into Lying Machines

The truth is Fibber is simply a very fun board game for the whole family and it will not really turn your kids into con artist.  Fibber is from the people who brought us Hedbanz, an awesome game in its own right.  The general game play is straight forward – each player (2-4 players) is dealt a hand of cards.  The cards have pictures of things like Big Foot, a Ghost and a Witch.  Simply play cards in order and say what you’re playing. If you don’t have the next card, fib – but don’t get caught, or you’ll earn a nosepiece and your nose will grow. When there are no more noses left, the player with the shortest nose wins.

The Real Fun of Fibber Are The Props

Fibber is one of those games that does not sound very fun when you describe it.  Must be pretty boring just putting down cards and deciding if you should fib or not  – right?  Nope, because when you see your kids looking like this –

Fibber by SpinMaster



it is almost impossible not to have a good time.  The glasses and the nose pieces really make the game.  We just could not stop laughing while looking at each other.  If not for the props, this would be an average card game – but the props give Fibber a whole new fun dimension.

Fibber is a Simple Game That Adults Will Like As Much as The Kids

Fibber is rated for ages 7+ and there are instructions for two ways to play Fibber – one for younger kids and the other for older kids.  One of the problems parents face with board games that are easy for the kids to play is that they are mind numbing for us parents to play!

Fibber is fun for the whole family.  I tried to stare down the kids for any signs that they were lying, but those glasses really throw you off the trail.  Also, the kids got clever – they would laugh and make that little smile, like they were fibbing, just so I would call fibber, but they weren’t fibbing at all.  Too clever for their own good.  Overall, Fibber is a fast paced game that keeps the whole family involved.

Conclusion:  The Fibber Board Game is a Great Addition to Your Library

Every family has their library of classic board games.  Fibber is not going to replace classics like Monopoly or Life, but it makes for a great change of pace for when you want a light, funny, fast moving game for the whole family.  We love that every player is involved, on every turn.  You can call Fibber on anyone, so you need to stay observant and active, even when it is not your turn to play cards.

If you are looking for a fun board game for the whole family, Fibber by SpinMaster is an excellent choice…and that ain’t no fib!

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