Review: Teflon Shield Wiper Blades, The Boring Product That Can Save Your Life

Teflon Shield Wiper Blades Review

Teflon Shield Wiper Blades Review

We review a lot of fun and exciting products here at Dad Does.   Really, who doesn’t get excited about an RC helicopter that fires missiles?  Unfortunately life is not all about using RC helicopters to take pot shots at your son.  Sometimes you need to be a responsible parent and do things like drive safe and try to keep your family alive.

We recently spent some time reviewing the Teflon Shield Wiper Blades (engineered by Trico) and while wiper blades are not the most exciting of products, being able to clearly see the road in poor weather can be vitality important.  So grab a cup of coffee, stop dreaming of RC toys and let’s spend a little time talking about how to keep your family safe while driving this winter.

Who Knew They Make Window Wipers With Teflon?

Who hasn’t heard of Teflon Non-stick frying pans?  Sure, we all own a pair of winter gloves that have a Teflon coating to keep us dry.  DuPont Teflon is well known in things like cookware and apparel, but who knew they use it in window wipers as well?  Of course, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Teflon is a non-stick coating and having window wiper blades that snow and rain don’t stick to is a terrific idea.

Here are the full specs on the Teflon Shield Wiper Blades by Trico that we tested:

  • Dual-Shield® Technology – The latest in wiper technology, ® SHIELD™ wiper blades are a crossover in blades that offer the superior wiping of a beam blade (with Teflon coating) with the added protection and styling of a hinged shell encasing the wiper.
  • Exclusive Teflon® surface protector ensures smoother, quieter wipe and longer life
  • Spring steel beam structure optimizes pressure across wipe area
  • Engineered for maximum contact with today’s highly curved windshields
  • Superior all-weather performance
  • Unique turbine air foil shell design
  • Easy to install – pre-attached adaptor is designed to fit 95% of vehicles directly
  • Wiper blade size – available in lengths from 16″ to 28″

Our Experience With the Teflon Shield Wiper Blades

We received a pair of the Teflon Shield wiper blades for our Honda Odyssey.  First step was to install the blades.  I know most Dads are car guys, but due to a genetic mutation at birth I know close to nothing about cars.  Even for me, installation of the wiper blades was easy – no tools required.  You can follow the instruction on the package or watch the video at the Trico site.

I am not going to pretend to understand the technology and chemistry that goes into making a good wiper blade, but I do understand what it is like to see the road!  The Teflon Shield blades did an excellent job of clearing the windshield, much better than the stock wipers that came with the Odyssey.  The blades were quiet and extremely effective in keeping the windshield clean.  The Odyssey has a curved windshield and the spring loaded Teflon Shield blades really contoured to the windshield and kept my visibility high.

Boring Products Can Still Be Incredibly Important and Useful

No matter what adjectives we use, there is still no way to make a pair of window wipers fun or exciting.  Let’s be honest, no one had window wipers on their Christmas list.  Still, as we move into the winter and start traveling for the holidays, it is important to be as safe on the road as possible.  A good set of all weather tires and Teflon Shield wiper blades can give you increased traction and visibility, two keys to staying in control and safe in bad weather.

Well, maybe wiper blades can be fun and exciting…in an indirect way.  Put a pair of Teflon Shield blades by Trico on your car and then brave any storm to get to the mall and buy the latest and greatest RC helicopter that fires missiles!

More Information:

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