With Just 24 Million More Views, We Will Pass Keyboard Cat!

4 million views on YouTube

4 million views on YouTube

Mark it on your calendar.  Get is tattooed on your chest.  Today is a huge day for Dad Does.  Our YouTube Channel just pulled within 24 Million views of the Keyboard Cat.  Yep, today we passed 4 million views to our YouTube Channel, or put another way, only 24 million fewer people have watched our videos compared to this one…

Cat Playing Piano Video

Of course this comparison really is not fair to poor Keyboard Cat.  The piano playing cat needed just  one, 54 second video, to get 28 million views.  We on the other hand needed the following to get our 4 million views….

  • 256 Original Product Review Videos
  • 21,863 seconds of video

We are now in negotiations to get a three legged cat who can play piano, that should get us to 29 million views in no time.

Seriously, A Big Thank You For Watching What We Do

All kidding aside, we wanted to thank you all for watching and supporting what we do.  Over the last 2 years we have produced over 250 videos on everything from toys to gadgets to tires.  We always try to create informative and entertaining review videos, sometimes think work out…other times they don’t.

We’ve made some less than great videos and you have let us know in the comments…which is great!  We learn from our failures and try to improve.    By reading your comments and checking the stats on what you view we are able to figure out what type of products and videos we should make in the future.

With Your Help, 4 Million Views Is Just The Beginning

We love making videos that help parents and have lots of plans for 2013.  We will be covering the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 and Toy Fair 2013, so expect to see plenty of cool gadget and toy videos in the next few months.  We are also looking to expand our video game coverage, giving parents a chance to see what some games look like before they plunk down $60 on a game.

If you have ideas or products you would like to see us review, please let us know.  Also, if anyone knows where we can find a 3 legged cat who plays a mean piano, please contact us ASAP.

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