Fun Gift Ideas for The Dads and Moms Because The Holidays Are Not Just For the Kids!

Want to blow your kid’s mind? Tell him that the holidays are not just for kids! Why should kids have a monopoly on having fun and getting cool toys and gifts? Moms and Dads represent, we need cool gifts too!

Sorry, we got a little carried away. We of course have talked plenty about toys for kids in our series – The Best Guide To The Top Hot Holiday Toys for 2012 . Now it is time to focus on some fun and useful gifts for the big kids…AKA, the Moms and Dads!

It’s Alive! This List is Growing Like a Weed

If you are reading this before December 24th, 2012 we are still searching for the best gifts for grownups.   Below you will see some of the gifts we have currently reviewed, but please check back often as we will continue to update our list as we review new products.  More of a visual learner? Watch our YouTube Channel to see video reviews of cool products.

2012 Guide To The Top Gifts For Moms and Dads

Best Reason To Go Against The Teachings of The Brady Bunch

NBA Baller Beats for the Xbox 360 Kinect

NBA Baller Beats

Any parent worth their weight in salt knows the all important lesson taught by the Brady Bunch…”Mom Always Said, Don’t Play Ball In The House.”  Yes, but back then Mom Brady didn’t have a Xbox 360 Kinect and the super fun NBA Baller Beats game!

NBA Baller Beats comes with a real basketball and you actually dribble and do skill moves, all to music.  Forget the fact that you are learning real hoop skills, the game is just flat out fun.   This is one video game where us parents might actually be able to beat the kids, and if we can do that, it is worth the risk of going against the great parenting advice of the Brady Bunch.

Full Review (and video) of the NBA Baller Beats

Price: Sells for About $59.

Best Way To Show Dad You Love His Face

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Dads we have breaking news… shaving doesn’t have to suck!  For years we believed that shaving was some cruel ritual we had to endure every morning, rubbing razors against our skin.  Now the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D proves that shaving can be….dare we say it…. enjoyable?

The SensoTouch 3D has tons of technology and fancy marketing catch phrases, but none of that matters.  All that matters is they finally made an electric razor that is easy to use, gentle on your skin and gives you a close shave.  It may not be the most fun gift that Dad gets this year, but he will enjoy it every morning!

Full review of the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Price: About $220.

Best Gift For The Clumsy, iPhone Loving, Parent

LifeProof iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone Case

Crap happens and even stranger crap happens when you have kids.   Your sleep deprived and trying to do a million things, so the occasional accident is bound to happen.  You knock over the maple syrup (which the kids should have put away) spilling syrup all over your iPhone.  In your attempt to save your phone you knock it off the table where it lands with a thud in the dog’s water bowl.  If you have the LifeProof iPhone Case you just pick your phone out of the water, wipe it off and continue on with your over scheduled and hectic day.  The dog gets maple flavored water, so that’s cool.

Simply put, the LifeProof cases are amazing.  The cases are water proof, snow proof, shock proof, dirt proof… basically kid proof!  All of this in an incredibly light and thin case.  They make cases for the iPhone and iPad, so give Mom or Dad some peace of mind this year and get them a LifeProof Case, because crap happens.

Full review (and video) of the LifeProof iPhone Case

Price: About $70.

Best Gift For Guys Who Don’t Like Bows, Ribbons and Wrapping Paper

Man Crates

Man Crates

Picture this on Christmas morning… Dad comes down to find a crate under the tree.  You hand him a crowbar, which he needs to open it.  Inside may be anything from beer, snacks, video games or beef jerky…if he can ever get it opened!  We love Man Crates and think the Man in your life will too!  They have a wide selection of Man Crates to choose from and as a bonus, you will have less wrapping paper to clean up!

Full review (and video) of the Man Crates

Price: About $70 – $95

Best Toy For The Parent Who Dreams Of Driving More Than a Minivan

ZenWheels Micro Car

ZenWheels Micro Car

Sure, the Minivan is practical, with its endless cup holders, but sometimes you want to drive something more fun.    Assuming you want to put the kids through college, you can forget about buying a “real” fun car…but you can still have fun driving…on a much smaller scale.

The ZenWheels Micro Car is a tiny car that you control with your iPhone.  Don’t let its small size fool you,  it may look like other RC mini cars, but it controls like nothing we have ever seen!  The ZenWheels Micro Car offers real rack and pinion steering and precision control via an app on your iPhone.   Use the included cones and race timer to create your own race course.  Parents, now you can get your racing and driving fix…without breaking the bank.

Full Review (and video) of the ZenWheels Micro Car

Price: About $89.

Best Combination of Old School and New School Fun

Erector Gears of War COG Centaur Tank

Gears of War COG Centaur Tank, Erector Set

Is Dad into playing Gears of War?  Your son into building things?  Bring the worlds together with the Erector Gears of War COG Centaur Tank.  Yes, it seems like a bizarre combination – Erector set, the classic metal construction toy, invented in 1911 and Gears of War – one of the most popular 3rd person shooter video games?  Yet somehow it works!

Erector sets are still fun after all these years and the Gears of War angle makes it hip for kids.  Back in the day, Dads built model planes with their kids, but today Dads can build fictional tanks from a video game with their kids.  Whatever, if it gets kids and Dads working together on a fun project, we are all for it.

Full Review (and video) of the Erector Gears of War COG Centaur Tank

Price: About $34.

Best Gift For Parents Who Hate Bathroom Scales

Quantum Scale

Quantum Scale

Is there anything really more negative than your standard bathroom scale?  You know you should weight 180 pounds and not happy about weighting 220.  You diet, you exercise and in a few months you are down to 200 – you have lost 20 pounds – great!  But every time you step on that scale it just flashes 200, reminding you that you are still 20 pounds above where you should be.  What a downer these scales are – who wants that???

The Quantum Scale takes a much more positive approach – it never shows your weight! It simply shows you how much weight you have lost or gained since you first stepped on the scale.  So, in the above example, it would show a big “-20″ – which makes you feel happy and great.  You know you are going to have a New Year’s Resolution to lose some weight, get the Quantum Scale and be motivated by the positive!

Full Review (and video) of the Quantum Scale

Price: About $59.

Watch For More Fun Gifts…

If you are reading this before December 25, 2012 – we are still working on finding more great gifts for Moms and Dads!  Please favorite this page and check back often and remember, parents are allowed to have fun too!

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