Review: NBA Baller Beats, Playing Ball In The House is Now a Video Game

NBA Baller Beats

NBA Baller Beats

Remember when we were kids and our parents would scream at us – “stop playing stupid video games!  Why don’t you play ball or something .”   I have to say, one of the main reasons I had kids was so that someday I could use that line on my kids.

Now, Majesco comes along and screws up all my fun by releasing NBA Baller Beats for the Xbox Kinect.   In this video game, playing ball (or at least dribbling a basketball) is the video game!  The kids can now dribble a real basketball and learn real ball handling skills, all while playing video games.  I’m not sure I even understand what a video game is anymore???

Let’s Take A Quick Look of the NBA Baller Beats Video Game in Action -

NBA Baller Beats  Will Make You Feel Better About Buying the Kinect

Perhaps your kids talked you into getting a Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360 with promises of how interactive the video games would be.  Unfortunately, many of the Kinect games use the Kinect in awkward and gimmicky ways.  NBA Baller Beats is the type of game that will make you feel great about getting a Kinect.

When we started out, we did not have high hopes for NBA Baller Beats as we figured this would just be another rhythm based game like Guitar Hero and all the knock offs.   Once you start playing NBA Baller Beats…and start sweating…you realize this video game is unlike anything you have played before.

Yes, there is music, points, things to unlock and rhythm plays a major role in the game, but, it is also teaching real ball handling skills.  You are using a real basketball (included in the package) and doing real dribbling and ball handling skills.   The Kinect sensor is very accurate and there is no real cheating in this game – when it calls for a cross-over dribble, you need to do a cross-over dribble.  Vary the speed of your dribble to get your timing right and score the most points….but more importantly you are also learning the real skill of changing the cadence of your dribble.

Key Features of NBA Baller Beats…

  • The first ever full body motion-based NBA video game that lets you perform like a pro using a real basketball.
  • Comes packaged with an official NBA game ball replica from Spalding®.
  • Includes 30 licensed songs that span across decades and genres including hip-hop, rock and old school classics.
  • Three difficulty levels available on every song: Rookie, Pro, and Baller.
  • The game challenges players to master ball-handling skills by dribbling and performing moves including crossovers, pump fakes, flow dribble and more.
  • Train alongside your favorite NBA franchise unlocking songs, difficulty levels, environment accessories, over 100 posters and Panini’s 2012 NBA HOOPS trading cards that showcase NBA players’ greatest moves.
  • Master different baller moves and increase your stamina in single player mode, break it down and practice different skills in Move School mode or show-off in multiplayer mode and go head-to-head against up to 8 players – the highest score wins bragging rights.
  • See how crazy you look trying to do the “around-the-world” move as the Kinect camera takes pictures of you.

Mom Always Said, Don’t Play Ball in The House” – The Brady Bunch

Perhaps I watched way too much Brady Bunch as a kid, but I just could not get that line out of my head while playing NBA Baller Beats.  Remember those stories of people losing their Wii controller and smashing the TV?  It is only a matter of time before someone plants a basketball into their 60″ LCD TV…don’t let that person be you or your kids.  I was very clear with the kids, the ball NEVER gets thrown.  Luckily we did not have any accidents, but the potential for breakage is there – you have been warned.

Conclusion:  NBA Baller Beats Is So Fun It Is Worth The Risk of Breakage

NBA Baller Beats is not perfect.  The game claims you can download additional songs, but you can not.  The game claims you can share images online, but you can not.  There is the real danger that comes with your kids dribbling a basketball and doing pump fakes within 6 feet of your TV.  The thing is, none of that matters, because if you like basketball you will LOVE playing NBA Baller Beats.

NBA Baller Beats really blurs the line between video game and real sports.  Without a doubt, NBA Baller Beats is the best Xbox Kinect game we have played.  You sweat when you play, you move, you learn basketball skills – definitely not things normally associated with a video game.  Maybe if I had NBA Baller Beats as a kid, I could actually go to my left.

More Information:

NBA Baller Beats from Majesco, Rated 10+ (Mild Lyrics), Xbox 360 Kinect, Retails for $59.95

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