MyWebRC Eye Copter Review: Now Your Kids Can Have Eyes In The Sky

MyWebRC Eye Copter

MyWebRC Eye Copter

People often use cell phones as the example of rapidly evolving technology.  Compare the cell phones we all carried five  years ago to the amazing smart phones of today and the advancement of technology is impressive.  However, if you really want to see technology taking huge giant steps, just look at RC Helicopters.

Five years ago you were lucky if you could get a remote controlled helicopter that could stay airborne for 20 seconds without spinning out of control and crashing.  Today, you can get the My Funky Planet R/C Eye Copter – a helicopter that has a built in camera for taking video and photos and can be easily piloted thanks to the Gyro stability technology.  Well, at least that is what the box for the Eye Copter claims…but we don’t trust boxes (I was attacked by a box as a child, but that’s a whole different story) so we took the Eye Copter for a number of test flights.

Let’s Look at Our Video Review of the RC Eye Copter -

The Eye Copter, For When You Need Eyes In The Sky…No Smart Phone or Tablet Required

There has been a recent trend toward iPhone and Android controlled helicopters.   We reviewed the Wi-Spi Helicopter, which is a great RC helicopter that streams live video to an iOS or Android device.  These smartphone controlled helicopters are great, but not every parent wants to give their child an expensive iPhone of tablet to fly their helicopter.

The Eye Copter uses a standard remote and records video and photos on a miniSD card in the helicopter.   To view the video you can hook the helicopter up to your computer via the included USB cable or if you have a miniSD card reader on your computer, just drop the mini SD card into your computer.  The downside is that you can not watch the video live as you are flying, but the upside is that you don’t need an expensive iPhone or Android device to control the helicopter.

The Full Specs on The Eye Copter

For our readers who like specs, here are the goodies on the Eye Copter –

  • 15″ aluminum frame radio control helicopter with two rotors
  • Records video (640×480) and audio and can also take photos
  • Gyro technology for enhanced stability
  • 3-Channel Remote (3D control/direction)
  • Fly Indoors and Outdoors (light wind)
  • Fly Time: 8-10 Minutes.  Charge Time: 60-100 minutes
  • Range: 80-100 Feet
  • Includes 2 GB mini SD Card
  • Includes 2 spare blades and 1 spare tail blade
  • Access to online RC games

What We Loved About the R/C Eye Copter…

All the specs in the world don’t matter if an RC helicopter is hard to fly.  Thankfully, the Eye Copter is a joy to fly.  The gyro stability makes the Eye Copter a relatively easy helicopter to get up and pilot with control.   The size (15″) and weight (2.4 lb) give it great stability, even outdoors in light wind, but it also means you need a good deal of open space to pilot the helicopter.

On paper, the big selling point to the Eye Copter is the built-in camera, and in testing the camera did not disappoint.  The 640×480 video is not HD quality, but it does provide more than adequate video quality.   The camera adds a whole new dimension to playing with a RC toy.  First, you fly the RC helicopter all around and then when the battery on the helicopter dies, you head inside and check out the video of your flight.

Finally, we like that replacement blades are included in the box.  We found the aluminum frame Eye Copter to be very durable during our review testing, but accidents can happen.  While you can order replacement parts for most RC helicopters it is great to have the replacement parts for the EyeCopter included in your original purchase.

Places Where The MyWebRC Eye Copter Falls Short…

The Eye Copter suffers from the same issue that plagues all RC helicopters….short flight time and long recharge times.  You only get about 8 minutes of fly time before you need to plug in and recharge for 60-100 minutes.   Again, this problem is no way unique to the Eye Copter, but we always point it out because for some kids, this can be a fun deal breaker.

The only other problem we had with the Eye Copter was that we could not figure out when it was done charging.  The instructions were not clear, we figured a charge indicator light would glow on the helicopter, but this did not happen on our review unit.  The Eye Copter charged fine, but there was no way to tell when it was done charging (we just unplugged it after 2 hours).

Conclusion:  The R/C Eye Copter Provides Easy Controls and Eyes in The Sky

If you are looking for an easy to fly RC helicopter that can record video and take photos, without a smartphone or tablet, the Eye Copter from MyWebRc (My Funky Planet) is an excellent choice.  We love that the helicopter is heavy enough that you can fly it outside.  The ability to record video and easily share it online, is always a hit with teenagers.  You also get access to some online games at MyWebRC.Com, but my guess is that the kids will be too busy having fun and sharing the videos they create with the Eye Copter to play a RC simulator.

More Information:

The R/C MyWebRC Eye Copter by My Funky Planet Retails for $114.99

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