Shredz Action Figures, Just Like Snowboarding, Without The Broken Bones

Shredz Snowboarder Action Figure

Shredz Snowboarder Action Figure

Kids hooked on the X-Games?  Does your 6 year old talk about shredding down the mountain and getting some big air on a radical jump?  Not ready to let the little one shred down a slope with only a thin board to save him from becoming best buddies with a tree?  Now you can get the Shredz Snowboarder Action Figures from COOP and allow the kids to shred the slopes all day with no risk of injury!

Let’s Take a Look at Our Video Review of the Shredz Action Figures…

Shredz, One More Reason Kids Will Love The Snow

As the video shows, the Shredz Action Figures are just one more reason that kids will love to play in the snow.  The action figures are very well done, with good details and excellent articulation.  The snowboards have designs that will appeal to the young X-Games crowd and they really do slide well on the snow.  The Shredz are toys, but the ride down the hill is real and you can setup fun jumps and stunts for your Shredz figures.

There are currently seven snowboarders to collect, so you can make your own Team Shredz.  Each action figure comes with a helmet and custom snowboard.  In addition, you get a card with the boarder that has info like name and favorite mountain.   At just 3.75″ tall, the Shredz figures are easy to toss in a bag and take along if you are heading away for a ski weekend.

Shredz Figures Are Just The Start To Your Team Shredz Fun

In addition to the seven Shredz figures, COOP also makes a few accessories to help you create the ultimate course for your snowboarders.  In the video we show the Shredz Track Maker ($10.95) and the Shredz Big Air Jump ($7.95),  they also make a Shredz Terrain Park Trick Set ($16.95).  We had just a few inches of snow, but the kids really enjoyed using the Shredz Track Maker and Shredz Jump.  Do you need these extra accessories to have fun?  Nope, the kids can use shovels and their hands to make their own tracks, but as the prices are reasonable the accessories can make a nice addition to your shredding fun.

Conclusion: Shredz Action Figures Are Cool, Simple Fun

After playing with the Shredz figures for a while you will find yourself wondering why no one ever made these toys before.  There are plenty of kids who love action figures and the idea of action figures that you can play with in the snow just makes so much sense.   The boarders looks great and are well designed.  You get plenty of wipe outs, but when the kids push a Shredz down the course and he does a jump and sticks the landing, the kids love it!  If your kids love playing in the snow  and are into action figures, the Shredz snowboarders will be a hit!

More Information:

Shredz Action Figures by COOP.  Ages 5+ and Retail $9.95 – $11.95

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