Review: Diggler Dirt Dawg, The Scooter That Prefers The Path Less Taken

Dirt Dawg All Terrain Scooter

Dirt Dawg All Terrain Scooter

Let me demonstrate my incredible psychic abilities.  If you are a parent of 6-14 year old kids, you have a collection of kick scooters buried somewhere in your garage.  I was going to predict the Lotto numbers, but I thought the kick scooter thing was more impressive.

As Moms and Dads, we all know about the standard Razor type kick scooter.  Small wheels, lightweight, great for riding up and down the driveway.  What you might not know is that not all kid’s kick scooters want to roll on the pavement.  The Diggler Dirt Dawg scooter lives to scoot on dirt roads and mountain bike trails.  Put a Dirt Dawg next to a Razor scooter and just about the only thing they have in common is that they both use two wheels!

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Diggler Dirt Dawg Scooter -

The Dirt Dawg – What Happens When a Mountain Bike and Kick Scooter Have a Baby

As you can see from the video, the Dirt Dawg Scooter has much more in common with a mountain bike than a tradition kick scooter.  Everything from the 16″ wheels to the brakes screams – “take me off road and have fun!“.  Here are all the specs on the all terrain Dirt Dawg –

Frame Ovalized Hi-Ten Steel
Wheelbase 41.75″
Wheels 16″ Steel Rim
Deck Height 6.5″
Deck Size 20.5×6.75″
Bar Height 35-38″
Fork Factory 1″ Travel
Brakes V-Brakes
Hubs Loose bearing
Headset Threaded
Tires Mountain 16×2.125″
Weight 27 lbs
Recommended Max  Weight 160 lbs

I know the specs say 160 lbs max weight, but I spent plenty of time on the Dirt Dawg, and let’s just say I am clearly over 160 lbs. In addition, I am 6′ 4″, but with the handlebar raised up, I felt very comfortable riding the Dirt Dawg. Yes, the Dirt Dawg is made for kids (ages 6-14), but parents will enjoy taking it for a spin as well!

Got a Dog?  Hook Him Up To the Dirt Dawg and Start Urban Mushing

Diggler told us to have a dog pull us on the Dirt Dawg – an activity that is called Urban Mushing and is getting more and more popular.  Our collie did not seem to understand why he should pull us, but if you have a dog who likes running, Urban Mushing with the Dirt Dawg looks like a lot of fun.

Here is a video from Diggler –

Conclusion:  Adventurous Kids Will Love Off Roading With The Dirt Dawg

Some toys and products are complicated to explain, the Dirt Dawg is NOT one of those products.  Simply put, if you have kids who are active and like to be outdoors, they will love the Dirt Dawg All Terrain Scooter.  The Dirt Dawg held up  very well no matter where we took it – dirt, tree roots, bumps, lumps, sand – it provided a great ride and we felt in control.  The mountain bike brakes give you excellent stopping action and the wide and low platform is comfortable to ride on – even on bumpy terrain.

The only downside to the Dirt Dawg compared to other kick scooters is that it is bigger and heavier, which can make transporting it more difficult.  The Dirt Dawg does not fold down flat, so it definitely takes up a lot of room in the car.  In addition, some assembly is required when you receive the Dirt Dawg, so if you are getting it for your kids as a gift, you might want to assemble it ahead of time.

No more excuses for the kids to stay inside.  Don’t let the lack of paved roads be the end to your scooting fun – get a Dirt Dawg scooter and keep scooting all year long!

More Information:

The Dirt Dawg from Diggler Retails for $219.95

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